Revision history for Perl extension XML::RAI.

1.3031 Aug 14 2009
    - Added memory leak test
    - Added Test::Weaken and Task::Weaken modules to support "weakening" of circular references
    - Dropped class level caching of XML::RSS::Parser that was causing the leaks test to fail

1.303 Aug 13 2009
    - Applied memory leak patch from Mark Glines ( Thanks!
1.3022July 18 2007
    - Changed XML::RAI::Object's date handler to avoid an apparent bug in 
      Date::Format::strftime. Thanks to Tim Sweetman.

1.301Nov 20 2005
    - Fixed Makefile dependencies

1.3  Nov 18 2005
    - Seperated out XML::RSS::Parser reversing a bad idea.
    - Introduced add_mapping method to all objects.
    - Now requires XML::RSS::Parser 4.0.
    - Various mapping tweaks.
    - Numerous bug fixes.
    - Test. A lot of them.

1.21 Jul 16 2005
    - Replaced use of Style param in XML::RSS::Parser constructor with
      standard Handlers param. This lowered the prerequisite version of 
      XML::Parser needed.

1.2  Jan 16 2005
    - POTENTIAL BREAK: XML::RAI::Object::source has been renamed src. This fixes
      a boneheaded oversight where XML::RAI::Item had two documented source
      methods. The source method for retreiving any RSS source attributes
      was overloading the XML::RAI::Object source method to retreive the 
      underlying XML::RSS::Parser::Element object. This was completely fouling 
      up retreival in an ARRAY context for all the RSS methods in the
      XML::RAI::Item class. This change required numerous modifications 
      throughout the XML::RAI classes to reflect this naming change.

1.11 Jan 09 2005
    - Fixed condition that was generating "Use of uninitialized value in 
      localtime" warning.

1.1  Jan 09 2005
    - Dropped POSIX dependency in favor of Date::Format. 
    - Added EPOCH time formatting option
    - Fixed time_format bug were PASS_THRU could not be set. (Kevin Frost)
    - Fixed PASS_THRU bug were an XML::RSS::Parser::Element object would be 
      returned instead of a string. (Kevin Frost)
    - Fixed bug were date normalization was ignoring timezone and using the 
      local system timezone instead. (Kevin Frost)

1.04 Nov 22 2004
    - Added the Technorati API namespace to XML::Parser::Element.

1.03 Nov 06 2004
    - Fixed RAI->item_count bug that was returning one less then the 
      actual count. (Jason Swan)

1.02 Oct 16 2004
    - Added missing Class::XPath dependency to Makefile.PL  

1.01 Sep 30 2004
    - Corrected XML::RSS::Parser prerequisite version to 3.
    - Added prerequisite version of Date::Parse to 2.26 in RAI::Object.
    - Switched use of deprecated value method to text_content in 

1.00 Sep 29 2004
    - Integrated XML::RSS::Parser package into RAI.
    - Refactored XML::RSS::Parser to use XML::Elemental package and
      true tree structure.
    - Introduced XML::RSS::Parser::Characters class
    - Exposed internal methods for use with Class::XPath in Element
    - Added more graceful handling of unrecognized namespace URIs
    - Deprecated value and append_value. BREAKAGE: Regretfully value method 
      will not work the same as version 2x of the RSS Parser in some cases.
      This is due to the adoption of a tree model and how text is handled.
    - Added as_xml method for reimplementing the version 2x pass-thru 
      functionality under the tree structure.

0.52 Aug 14 2004
    - Removed lastBuildDate from the RAI::Item created and modified mappings. A
      good idea gone bad if you are trying to merge feeds and list out entries 
      chronological order.
    - Added minimum version of 0 to POSIX an Date::Parse in Makefile.PL.
    - Time handlers (created, modified etc) return UTC rather then local time

0.51 Jun 09 2004
    - Fixed multiple feed images bug that caused RAI to choke. (Mike Axelrod)
    - Add rdf:resource to image URL mapping.

0.50 May 03 2004
    - Added special link handlers to make up for Class::XPath's (1.4)
      lack of not() function and compound logical statements.
    - Fixed guid mapping. Added link module to mappings.
    - Added created_strict, issued_strict, and modified_strict methods
      to Element and Channel.
    - Class::XPath not liking 'description[@type="text/html"]'. 
      Removed from content_strict mapping for now.
    - Fixed deprecated contentstrict support.

0.41 Apr 28 2004
    - Fixed bad XPath statement in item/content_strict.

0.4  Apr 27  2004
    - Added content_strict. Deprecated contentstrict.
    - Modified mappings of channel/issued, channel/modified, relation,
      item/content, item/content_strict, item/creator, source.
    - Switched isPermalink to isPermaLink in link mapping.
    - Added pinged method to item. 
    - Folded channel/alt_table into description.
    - Fixed time_handler bug were no matches were not being caught 
      and handled.
0.3  Apr 18 2004
    - Added ability to instaniate RAI with an existing 
      XML::RSS::Parser tree.
    - Promoted @xml:lang in Channel and Item
    - Added Trackback "RSS 2.0" support in Item
    - Added identifier rdf:resource support in Item
    - Added dcterms:identifier to identifier in Item.
    - Added alt_title method to Channel
0.2  Apr 06 2004
    - Added time_format method to RAI and timestamp normalization 
      to Object.
    - Added a created method to Item
    - Added a ping method to Item
    - Added trackback:about to the related mapping of Item
    - Added xml:lang to the language mapping of Item
    - Missing documentation inserted
    - Dumped shared channel/item mapping. Each have their own
      separate maps now.

0.1  Mar 12 2004
	- Initial release into CPAN.