Revision history for XML-TreePP-Editor

0.13    2013-05-31 reg
        - Made settings for Data::Dumper local.
        - Made the tpp() and tppx() observe and create dependency.
          Documentation also updated to describe the dependency.

0.12    2011-01-17 reg
        - Replaced the use of the Data::Dump module with Data::Dumper.
          In the latest version of PERL (5.12.2 tested) the eval function does
          not like unquoted HASH keys which begin with the dash "-". Thus, the
          test cases broke with this version of PERL. Data::Dump does not quote
          the hash key, so its use was replaced with Data::Dumper which does
          quote the hash key. It is used to clone XML structures.
          The XML::TreePP module uses the dash "-" as default (configurable to
          optionally use "@" instead of "-") to indicate attributes of XML
          elements. So the XML string "<element attribute="value"/>" is
          represented in PERL structure as
                 "{ element => { -attribute => 'value' } }" with Data::Dump
          and as "{ element => { '-attribute' => 'value' } }" with Data::Dumper

0.11    2009-11-04 reg
        - Added test cases to test all primary functions
        - Fixed an issue with modify-delete action when deleting multiple
          nodes, in which it deleted the first node first and caused an issue
          since this changed the positions on all remaining nodes and there
          was more nodes scheduled to be deleted.
          The fix was to delete the last node first, or LIFO instead of FIFO.

0.10    2009-10-08 reg
        - Edit an XML::TreePP parsed XML Document, using XML::TreePP::XMLPath