Revision history for XS-Parse-Keyword

0.20    2021-10-11
         * Fix for perl 5.20 - cannot use assert() as an expression

0.19    2021-10-05
         * Defined XPK_PREFIXED_BLOCK_ENTERLEAVE and XPK_SETUP for customizing
           the parser context around blocks

0.18    2021-09-28
         * Define the XPI_OPERAND_ONLY_LOOK flag
         * Define a callchecker for list/list infix operators. Add a
           callchecker that can optimise out certain kinds of operations
           (ref to padav or pkgav, anonlist if XPI_OPERAND_ONLY_LOOK is set)

         * cygwin requires deparse_infix to be declared with XS_INTERNAL()
         * Some architectures require intermediate storage for values in the
           test function pp_addpairs (RT139445)
         * Fix conditions in lexical variable type checking (RT139444)

0.17    2021-09-23
         * Support certain kinds of list operands on LHS of infix operators
         * Generate wrapper functions around list-list infix operators, which
           unpack their argument lists from two ARRAYrefs

0.16    2021-09-21
         * Attempt automatic deparsing of infix operators
         * Support certain kinds of list operands on RHS of infix operators

0.15    2021-09-06
         * Optional generation of wrapper functions around scalar-infix
         * Quieter Build.PL by skipping PL_infix_plugin check on versions
           of perl known to be too old it

0.14    2021-08-31
         * Added the entire XS::Parse::Infix subsystem
         * Added XPK_INFIX_* token types

0.13    2021-08-26
         * Bump to ABI version 2; pass build1's arg0 param as a pointer, not a
           direct struct copy

         * Back-compat for ABI version 1's build1 arg0 param not having a line
           number (RT138708)

0.12    2021-08-16
         * Provide optional versions of XPK_IDENT and XPK_PACKAGENAME
         * Report the line number each piece was parsed from

0.11    2021-08-03
         * Split into two parts (static + dynamic), so the static
           part can be indexed as normal by usual CPAN toolchain (RT138313)

0.10    2021-07-13
         * Better configure-time probing for HPUX compiler support

         * Fix for CHOICE/TAGGEDCHOICE corrupting the value of ->i in the
           result (RT136845)

0.09    2021-07-12
         * Attempt to support HPUX, which may need additional compiletime
           arguments to support anonymous inner unions
         * Better compiletime error messages by attempting to include some
           source context in the same style as yyerror()
         * Slight compiletime performance boost by setting PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT

         * Check for recursive parser errors and abort (RT137458)

0.08    2021-06-17
         * Support probe in XPK_CHOICE and XPK_TAGGEDCHOICE

         * Remember to mask off the typeflags in probe_piece()

0.07    2021-06-16
         * Undocumented the _flags() variants of XPK_BLOCK and XPK_TERMEXPR,
           and all the flags for them
         * Support probing in XPK_BLOCK
         * (undocumented) trial to see if all supported platforms support
           anonymous unions

0.06    2021-06-01
         * ABI version is now 1 - this will require a from-source rebuild of
           all modules using it.

         * Renamed XPK_STRING to XPK_LITERAL
         * Support probe on the four bracketed scope types
         * Added _OPT-suffixed versions of the four bracketed scope types
         * Added more token types:
            + XPK_LEXVAR_MY
            + XPK_COMMA
            + XPK_PREFIXED_BLOCK
            + XPK_SEQUENCE

0.05    2021-05-31
         * Added context-setting variants of block/expr types:

0.04    2021-05-24
         * Added many more token types: XPK_LEXVARNAME, XPK_ATTRIBUTES,
         * Added XPK_COMMALIST structure type
         * Defined hooks flags XPK_FLAG_STMT, XPK_FLAG_EXPR, XPK_FLAG_AUTOSEMI
         * API change to the way .build is invoked, allowing greater future
           compatibility for args structures

0.03    2021-04-27
         * Fix the `VAR never introduced at ...` warnings from uses of
         * Make sure the file is mentioned in META.{yml,json} so
           CPAN tools can find it

0.02    2021-04-21
         * Back-compat to perl 5.14
         * Avoid passing user strings directly to printf, by emitting
           XPK_FAILURE using croak("%s", str)
         * Various documentation wording improvements

0.01    2021-04-14
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.