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Revision history for YAML-Tiny

1.74    2023-03-23 03:19:08Z


        - a few documentation tweaks (thanks, Giovanni Los and Richlv!)

1.73    2018-02-21 21:07:59Z

        - shipping 1.72 as stable, with no changes.

1.72    2017-02-12 23:17:26Z (TRIAL RELEASE)


        - fix compatibility with Test::Builder 0.94 in test shim

1.71    2017-02-04 05:44:07Z (TRIAL RELEASE)


        - Perform correct stripping of leading white space in literal/folded
          text blocks (Flavio Poletti, GitHub #44, fixes RT#56045).

1.70    2017-01-22 08:59:54Z


        - Some errors writing to a file were incorrectly reported.

1.69    2015-07-26 00:51:03Z
        - No changes since 1.68-TRIAL.

1.68    2015-07-09 23:39:49Z (TRIAL RELEASE)


        - tests no longer print to stderr unnecessarily; this makes core perl
          builds (where this distribution is included as CPAN-Meta-YAML) a
          little quieter.


        - the Test::More dependency has been reduced to 0.88 by emulating
          'subtest' for those tests that need it

1.67    2015-05-12 00:10:24Z


        - instead of erroring on duplicate keys found in a hash (introduced in
          version 1.63), now we only warn. This fixes an issue in Strawberry Perl
          (via CPAN::Meta::YAML) when parsing a configuration file.


        - Updated File::Temp test prereq to 0.19 for 'newdir'

1.66    2015-03-16 22:26:30Z


        - removed bundled Test::TempDir::Tiny to rely on File::Temp
          for temporary directories during testing

1.65    2015-03-13 23:02:34Z


        - artifacts left behind from testing are now cleaned up (GH#34)

1.64    2014-10-08 02:56:30Z


        - remove silencing of any errors encountered while loading
          Scalar::Util (GH#33, Graham Knop)
        - now using JSON::MaybeXS in tests instead of

1.63    2014-06-11 21:58:18Z


        - incorrect error messages fixed, when $@ is clobbered when Carp
          wasn't loaded (GH#30, GH#31, Hilko Bengen)


        - now checking for, and erroring on, duplicate keys found in a hash
          (GH#32, Hilko Bengen)

1.62    2014-03-16 12:28:44Z


        - fix handling of trailing colon in key name (RT#92916, H.Merijn

1.61    2014-02-24 16:59:49Z


        - fixed a test for VMS (RT#93297, Craig Berry)

1.60    2014-02-13 20:31:56Z

        - shipping 1.59 as stable, with no changes.

1.59    2014-02-06 03:10:35Z (TRIAL RELEASE)


        - numeric values are now quoted whenever they've been used as a string
          (fixes inconsistent behaviour seen with numeric values, due to
          differences between the XS and pure-perl variants of Data::Dumper).
          (github issue #24)
        - numeric hash keys are now always quoted.

1.58    2014-02-04 18:01:58Z


        - 1.57 omitted a change entry for the following change:

        - Previously, YAML::Tiny was sloppy about file encodings.  It is
          now strict.  The 'read' method and 'LoadFile' function expect
          UTF-8 encoded files.  The 'write' method and 'DumpFile' function
          produce UTF-8 encoded files.  The 'read_string' and
          'write_string' methods and the 'Load' and 'Dump' functions
          expect or generate (decoded) character data.

1.57    2014-01-30 22:12:38Z


        - Previously, some errors would throw exceptions and some would
          return the error condition in $YAML::Tiny::errstr.  Now all
          errors throw exceptions.  Use of $errstr and the errstr method
          are deprecated. (David Golden)


        - Fixed write method to encode YAML file with UTF-8 (David Golden)
        - Improved SYNOPSIS and documentation of new (David Golden)


        - Tests have been cleaned up and reorganized.  Test coverage
          has been significnatly improved. (Ingy döt Net, David Golden,
          Jim Keenan, Karen Etheridge)

1.56      2013-09-25 02:38:19Z
          - read_string documentation error fixed (RT#74409, thanks Tim Heaney!)
          - re-release with fixed compile test

1.55      2013-09-19 04:07:32Z
          - again packaging with ExtUtils::MakeMaker

1.54      2013-08-22 03:55:41Z
          - convert to Dist::Zilla
          - Updated format to conform to CPAN::Changes::Spec

1.53      2013-08-20
          - really fixed metadata

1.52      2013-08-20
          - updated repository metadata to reflect move to github

1.51      2012-03-11
          - The fix described in 1.48 was incorrect. Removing an additional
            if $@ to fix it properly.
          - Make the Scalar::Util version check resistant to bugs caused by
            development versions.

1.50      2011-06-23
          - Major bug fix, all code that writes arbitrary data should upgrade.
          - Simple scalars with no whitespace but ending in a colon like ABC: were
            not being quoted, which results in the parser confusing it with a
            mapping key and crashing.

1.49      2011-03-08
          - No functional changes.
          - Don't depend on the YAML modules in RELEASE_TESTING, as it can
            pollute the advisory META.yml.

1.48      2011-02-01
          - Fix to the refaddr compatibility where Scalar::Util is installed
            but is older than 1.18.

1.47      2011-01-31
          - No functional changes
          - Only depend on the YAML implementations when we are release testing

1.46      2010-12-16
          - No functional changes
          - Moving to a production release now CPAN Testers is green again

1.45_02   2010-12-07
          - Adding experimental support for exception->errstr conversion
          - Updating test suite yaml_error to not expect exceptions

1.45_01   2010-12-07
          - Added support for trailing line comments (INGY)
          - Added checks for some characters that are illegal or reserved
            in plain scalars (INGY)
          - Minor cleaning up of some out of date POD (ADAMK)
          - Updated AUTOMATED_TESTING dependencies to new versions (ADAMK)

1.44      2010-08-08
          - No functional changes, upgrading is not required
          - Minor tweaks to Makefile.PL
          - Minor cleanup around the refaddr emulation code

1.43      2010-07-10
          - No functional changes, upgrading is not required
          - Don't import Carp 'croak' any more, saving a few K

1.42      2010-06-25
          - No functional changes, upgrading is not required
          - Clarified documation to explain that YAML::Tiny escapes "bool"
            keywords when it writes them as strings so that YAML parsers in
            other languages won't get confused, but this does not mean that
            YAML::Tiny actually supports boolean types itself.
          - Added an extra test case for boolean keyword escaping.
          - YAML::Perl comparison tests were loading the file back in with
   by mistake. Corrected this and added an additional case
            that YAML::Perl doesn't support that I wasn't catching.
          - Author tests updated and moved into xt/
          - Updated the versions of the other YAML parsers we test ourselves
            against to the most recent versions of each.

1.41      2009-12-11
          - Fixes a performance bug reported by Apocalypse.
            Single line double-quoted strings longer than 32,000ish characters
            resulted in the regular expression engine crashing due to
            excessive recursion. Changed to a different regex that will most
            likely only crash after 32,000 ESCAPED characters. If I could use
            negative look-behind assertions (I can't because I need 5.004)
            this whole issue would be MUCH simpler to fix.

1.40      2009-07-31
          - Dear Ruby Community.
            Thank you so much for your bug report to the "Ruby Talk" mailing list
            regarding the lack of true/false support in Perl YAML modules.
            This flaw has now been resolved, around 2 hours after we
            were made aware of it. Next time, we recommend you report these bugs
            to the people who can actually fix your problem.

1.39      2009-05-21
          - Even though utf8 starts at 5.7+ there's no is_utf till
            5.8.1 so skip in the tests if needed (ADAMK)

1.38      2009-05-16
          - Moving the test suite style closer to Parse::CPAN::Meta
          - Changed exceptions closer to Parse::CPAN::Meta
          - Fixed Changes file date for 1.37 :)

1.37      2009-05-16
          - Call $self->_error instead of $class->_error when we can
          - Refactoring away some of the code other people have been
            contributing lately that most certainly NOT ::Tiny style.
          - Avoid the need to do '' escaping by moving it to "'"
          - Added comparative testing with YAML::Perl

1.36      2009-01-07
          - Fixing missing feature reported by H.Merijn Brand

1.35      2008-12-17
          - Production release for changes in 1.34_01
          - No other changes

1.34_01   2008-11-19
          - Improving sub-classability by passing the indent level through
            to the ->_write_scalar method.

1.33      2008-07-24
          - Export Load and Dump functions by default.

1.32      2008-05-14
          - Adding a test to check for correct exceptions
          - ONLY do comparative tests when the modules to compare to are current.
            (Prevents false failures in some cases)

1.31      2008-05-08
          - Emergency bugfix release

1.30      2008-05-04
          - Better error reporting of unsupported features
          - Heavily bump automated testing deps to remove false errors

1.29      2008-04-12
          - CPAN Testers passes ok, moving to production version

1.28_01   2008-04-05
          - Adding support for document terminators
            (To support YAML embedded in TAP streams)

1.27      2008-03-31
          - Skip 04_scalar.t if no
          - Implement YAML compatibility + tests for LoadFile
          - Remove the LICENSE key from Makefile.PL
            (Which failed on some CPAN Testers setups)

1.26      2008-03-20
          - Added extra test cases to validate RT bugs that were fixed
            previous, but not closed at the time.
          - Always quote when serialising anything that starts with a non-word
          - YAML::Tiny::Load is now fully compatible with in scalar
            context (returns the LAST parsed document).

1.25      2008-01-14
          - Wrote the specification section

1.24_01   2008-01-11
          - Adding additional test cases
          - Adding support for YAML header for META.yml
          - Adding support for YAML header for YAML 1.0
          - Adding support for YAML header for YAML 1.1

1.23      2008-01-10
          - Identical to 1.22_01
          - CPAN Testers results positive, pushing to production version

1.22_01   2008-01-09
          - Correcting handling of single quote escaping
          - Adding protection for infinite loops caused by circular
            references during serializing.
          - Confirmed support for toolbar.yml sample

1.21      2007-12-06
          - Fixing support for unprintable characters

1.20      2007-11-19
          - Correcting class name in @EXPORT_OK declaration
            (Demetrios Biskinis)

1.19      2007-11-16
          - Removing the invalid perl dep

1.18      2007-11-05
          - Adding a new test file

1.17      2007-11-01
          - Updating from Module::Install to the tinier ExtUtils::MakeMaker

1.16      2007-10-22
          - Updating to newer AUTOMATED_TESTING tests

1.15      2007-08-25
          - Incremental release to include an updated version of 99_author.t
          - Replace a few CODE INCOMPLETE errors with real errors
            (those parts of the module are now complete)

1.14      2007-08-16
          - Adding support for empty reference documents

1.13      2007-07-09
          - Adding a test case for support of multi-byte characters

1.12      2007-06-05
          - Adding support for open hash/array at EOF

1.11      2007-06-05
          - Forgot to string trailing whitespace in a few cases
          - 'hashkey: This was mistaken as a hash entry, not a string'
          - Adding explicit tests from #yaml for single quote escaping

1.10      2007-06-05
          - Adding support for null hash/arrays

1.09      2007-05-21
          - Fixing a bug in the trivial scalar case

1.08      2007-05-16
          - Adding support for |- trimming multiline scalars

1.07      2007-05-15
          - Adding support for whitespace after document headers

1.06      2007-05-14
          - Bug fix to support an additional variant of null hashes

1.05      2007-05-02
          - Bug fix to allow support for keys with spaces
          - Bug fix to allow empty comments

1.04      2007-02-21
          - Adding support for LoadFile, DumpFile, freeze and thaw

1.03      2007-01-14
          - Removing the forward-looking part of the preamble

1.02      2007-01-14
          - Fixing exporting

1.01      2007-01-14
          - Removed the ugly bold warning

1.00      2007-01-14
          - What the hell, I'm as close as is needed I think

0.90      2007-01-13
          - Adding support for inline multi-lines

0.11      2006-09-25
          - Fixed bug in regex that detects unheadered ARRAY|HASH

0.10      2006-08-24
          - Added double-quote support, making YAML::Tiny a lot more usable
          - Added Load and Dump for compatibility
          - Added tests for verifying compatibility with YAML::Syck

0.06      2006-07-09
          - Added more tests

0.05      2006-07-08
          - Added support for nested inline hashes (parse only)
          - Added support for naked undef array and hash entries
          - Can now handle sample Plagger configs from Miyagawa-san's talk
          - Can now handle vanilla.yml from Perl::Dist::Vanilla

0.04      2006-07-08
          - Added support for implicit document start for array/hash types
          - Added support for colons in hash keys
          - Added support for simple single quotes
          - Can now handle our own META.yml file

0.03      2006-07-08
          - Got all of the trivial test cases to pass
          - Good enough for an initial usable release,
            but still expected to fail a lot

0.02      2006-04-26
          - Added support for a single root-level hash
          - Correcting POD bugs

0.01      2006-04-26
          - Initial version
          - Handles only document headers and non-wrapping scalar documents