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Revision history for ZConf-BGSet

1.0.0	2009-10-24/03:30
		-Clean up warnings.
		-Remove autoinit and it now inits autormatically.
		-Set should now be set using either readSet or via passing ZConf with the specified default set.
		-'zconf' is now a ZConf object instead of a hash.
		-Add 'bin/zbgset-pt'.
		-Update 'Makefile.PL' to reflect new dependencies.
		-Update the scripts to reflect the new manner for specifing a set.

0.2.0	2009-02-20/19:10
		-Add 'readSet', 'getSet', 'listSets'.

0.1.0   2009-02-01/23:10
		-Added 'getPath', 'setPath', 'delPath', 'getLast', and 'getDefaultPath'.
		-'listPaths' no longer leaves 'paths/' prepended.

0.0.2	2009-01-28/19:10
		-Fix the return of listPaths.

0.0.1	2009-01-23/18:50
		-Correct how zbgset calls setRand.
		-Correct were self was used in the pod instead of zbg.

0.0.0   2009-01-14
		-Initial release.