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Revision history for ZConf-GUI

1.1.0	 2012-07-23/00:00
		 -Now uses Error::Helper.

1.0.3	2010-06-26/03:10
		-Fix modules dependencies.

1.0.2	2009-10-29/02:30
		-If the new method errors, it is permanent.
		-Clean up the error warning code.
		-Correct method used in which.
		-Remove the autoinit function from the new method. It now always will.
		-Sets now have to be set after initilization via new.
		-Correct the help info in the scripts.

1.0.1	2009-10-23/02:30
		-Update the pod on what should be implemented and etc.
		-Pod cleanup.

1.0.0	2009-10-11/02:30
		Aadd support for "appendOthers".
		-"which" now behaves as documented instead of returning a list
			of available modules.
		-Clean up error reporting.
		-No longer requires "Gtk2" as a prerequisite... was never used.

0.1.0	2009-05-18/13:00
		-Fixed 'getPreferred'.
		-Implement useX.
		-Add 'bin/zcgui-gux'.
		-Add 'bin/zcgui-sux'.
		-Add the pod for 'bin/zcgui-set'.

0.0.0	2009-05-13/07:00
		-Initial release.