Revision history for ZConf-RSS

2.1.1	2009-11-08/01:10
		-Correct a error with delTemplate.
		-Add 'bin/zcrss-addfeed'.
		-Add 'bin/zcrss-browse'.
		-Add 'bin/zcrss-managetemplates'.
		-Correct the dependencies in 'Makefile.PL'.

2.1.0	2009-11-07/00:40
		-Correct a few mistakes in the GUI module.
		-Remove the POD stuff for some non-existant methods.
		-Add examples to any methods that are missing any.
		-Add ZConf::RSS::GUI-addFeed.

2.0.1	2009-10-31/17:45
		-Clean a few things for the POD.

2.0.0	2009-10-31/16:29
		-ZConf::GUI support added.

1.0.0	2009-10-23/23:20
		-Warning cleanup.
		-The arg hash key 'zconf' for new is now a ZConf object.
		-Add POD for 'bin/zcrss-admin'.
		-Add POD for 'bin/zcrss-get'.
		-Added support for removing templates and feeds to 'ZConf::RSS' and 'bin/zcrss-admin'.
		-Updated both scripts to for the new set handling.
		-Removed '-o' from 'bin/zcrss-admin'.
		-Fixed 'gro' action for 'bin/zcrss-admin'.
		-Cleaned up template handling for categories incase a ARRAY is given.

0.0.1	?/?
		-Pod header corrections for the new method.

0.0.0   2009-04-16/16:30
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.