0.014 2020-10-10

 * Support Zabbix 4.0 by adding a fix. 
 * Zabbix 4 introduced new (readonly) property 'auto_compress' that causes 
   host update failure, fixed this issue.  

0.013 2015-06-09

 * Remove dependency on Moo::Lax, recent versions of Moo have
   abandoned the ALL WARNINGS ARE DEADLY EVERYWHERE philosophy
 * Add templates accessor to host objects
 * Fix issue with macro objects pushing read-only properties to the
 * Fix compat issue with Zabbix 2.4: methods that used not to require
   an auth parameter now require that the auth parameter be absent
 * Add missing CRUD features in the HostInterface class

0.012 2014-11-17

 * Realized I never updated the CHANGES file
 * Trigger constants, courtesy of Ray Link

0.011 2014-10-20

 * Allow item parameter macro expansion in item names (fixes #8)
 * Use item name instead of host name + item key (fixes #4)
 * Fix issue with chart URLs (fixes #6)
 * Graph type constants
 * Support Zabbix 2.4.x (fixes #16)
 * Update doc for HostInterface creation (fixes #15)
 * Test fixes
 * Doc fixes
 * Build script fixes

0.010 2014-06-12

 * Hosts have gained a "graph" accessor
 * Fix history accessor for non-integer types (fixes #5)
 * Fix chart URLs not having the ID in the params
 * Use "name" attribute of hosts, available in 2.x
 * Up version requirement for Moo
 * Doc fixes
 * Fix copyright and email stuff
 * Too many other fixes
 * First CPAN release

0.001 2014-04-26

 * Completed most of the rewrite for Zabbix 2.x and Moo, all tests