Revision history for Zoidberg - a modular perl shell 

0.981 Mon Jan 9 2012
	- use documented File::Glob::bsd_glob rather than the removed F::G::doglob

0.98 Sat Dec 10 2011
	- PAUSE indexer croaked since some packages lacked $VERSION info

0.97 Sat Dec 10 2011
	- Simplified install system
		- Removed AppDir support
		- Moved to File::ShareDir architecture
		- Removed htmldocs build option (functionality exists elsewhere)
	- Fixed failing tests on newer Perl versions
	- Removed UNIVERSAL import (deprecated)
	- zoid now respects `/usr/bin/env perl` for perlbrew's sake
	- Plugins no longer use AutoLoader (GitHub Issue #1)
	- New maintainer (Joel Berger) and repository (

0.96 Sat Feb 11 2006
	- Added utf8 decoding for file names. Submitted by Wagner Frederic.
	- Added patch to check PAR_TEMP environment var. Submitted
	by Johannes grosse.
	- Added patch to include /etc/zoidrc.d/ in zoidrc (debian bug #352217)

0.95 Thu Apr 28 2005
	Bugfix release
	- Fixed a critical bug in the auto-multiline behaviour, again 
	reported by Ryan Voots.
	- Added support for jobspecs without 'fg' in front of them on the
	commandline.  Requested by Allan Fields
	- Added word splitting for parameter expansion (not *yet* IFS)
	- Fixed a bug in the parsing for redirections. Reported by Wes Hardaker
	- Added working 'reload' builtin to Z:F::Commands

0.94 Mon Mar 21 2005
	Bugfix release
	- Fixed a critical bugfix making the shell practically unusable
	once the PWD contained a single quote :(  Reported by Ryan Voots.

     Mon Mar 14
	- Added alias for gnu grep to the default zoidrc
	- Added functionality to the jobs builtin command
	- Reniced the generation of zoidbuiltins(1)

0.93 Fri Jan 21 2005
	Bugfix release
	- Made brace expansion more bash compatible, set 'voidbraces'
	for the old behaviour
	- Renamed the 'allow_null_glob_expansion' to 'nullglob'
	- Added the 'nocaseglob' setting
	- Fixed a serious bug in the logic operator evaluation

     Thu Jan 13
	- Added examples/
	- Made background and delayed jobs remember their PWD and make sure
	they are their when executing
	- Added a 'die_silently' option for the shell() and builtin() routines

     Wed Jan 12
	- Refs to hashes tie'ed with DispatchTable are now also bless'ed to
	allow for an object interface. Added an 'add' and a 'pop' method as
	aliases for STORE and DELETE.
	- Added examples/ and updated some related docs

     Mon Jan 10
	- Fixed a bug for using builtins in a command expansion
	- Fixed word splitting for command expansion
	- Fixed quote removal for multiline "words"

     Wed Jan  5 2005
	- Fixed two bugs in the 'fc' builtin and added doc for it

0.92 Tue Dec  7 2004
	Releasing quickly due to the bug in the 'export' builtin, also packaging working
	'--help' and '--usage' switched for builtins and working history commands.
	- Fixed 't/31_ZoidbergError.t', it seems prevented 'is_deeply()'
	from working correctly
	- Delayed history logging till after executng the command, so the command is able
	to modify what is logged; this was needed for 'fc' to work
	- The 'history' and 'fc' commands seem to work correctly now; also the 'cd'
	history functions now use 'history'.

     Fri Dec  3
	- Restructured the way the 'history' builtin works
	- Added 'GetHistory' and 'SetHistory' builtins for Z:Fish::ReadLine
	- Made the directory history of the 'cd' builtin work with Log

     Wed Dec  1
	- Changed history tag from "hist" to "cmd"
	- Changed '.history.yaml' into '.zoid.log.yaml' and added pid to the data set

     Sat Nov 27
	- Fixed a bug in the export builtin with exporting variables that already
	existed in the environment
	- Enabled --version --usage and --help for all builtins using Z:Utils::GetOpt

0.91 Mon Nov 22
	Maintenance release, mostly bugfixes and some cleanups
	- Checked all logic concerning the exit status of system commands
	the $$shell{error} hash now contains the exit_status, the signal
	and the "core dumped" bit
	- Made default perl options a setting
	- Moved perl settings in "perl" sub-hash
	- Made the export builtin really move variables between the perl namespace
	and the environment; also the source-filter logic changed a bit for this
	- Made alias expansion check for no_mode '!'

     Mon Nov 15
	- Fixed bug with completing redirection arguments
	- Added some prompt escapes to Z:Fish::ReadLine
	- Added completion for autoloaded contexts

     Sun Oct 24
	- Removed lib/Zoidberg/ in favour of including it in _but_ allowing to change the perl eval namespace
	- Made no_esc_rm a global parser setting for StringParser
	- Changed shell quoting behaviour slightly to make it more perlish
	- Made zoid remember the perl namespace after a "package" statement

     Sat Oct 23
	- Fixed a bug with auto-multiline commands not being logged
	- Added examples/
	- Tuned internal APIs to make examples/ possible,
	removed the '--rcfile' and '--norc' switches from fluff
	in the process, just use '-o rcfiles=..' or '-o norc'

     Fri Oct  1 
        - Fixed a bug with the >> and << redirections
	- Fixed a bug with the quoting of "'" (etc.) for completion
	- Added $( .. )[.] command substitution syntax

0.90 Mon Sep  6 2004
        This release is going to for demonstration.
	It is supposed to be the first release candidate for a
	stable 1.00 version (but not all builtins are done yet).
        - Refactored the settings to control parser behaviour;
        all kinds of blocks can be wrapped in array refs again

     Sun Sep  5
        - Modified the format of redirections in the parse tree
	- {error} now also contains the signal that caused it
        - made routines in Z:Shell not modify $$shell{error}

     Sat Sep  4
        - Fixed bug with multiline entries in the history file
	- PWD is now also logged for interactive use

     Fri Sep  3
        - Blocks now also can be anonymous subroutines
	- Added --plug option to fluff
	- Mode can be a class now

     Wed Sep  1
        - Tweaked the parsing of redirections
	- Made output() handle capturing more consequently
	- Added command substitution for `..` $(..) and @(..)

     Wed Aug 11
        - Added the parser stack for word_expansion again
	- Renamed {contexts} to {parser} because it contains more then just
	- Renamed {parent} to {shell} because I think its clearer

     Tue Aug 10
        - Added the 'symbols' builtin to Commands - copied idea from Psh
	- Removed some deprecated devel builtins from Commands
	- Removed Help plugin, and merged the 'help' builtin in Commands
	- Added the 'which' builtin - copied idea from Psh

     Sun Aug  8
        - Added autoloading of contexts (and thus modes)
	- Several small fixes and clean ups
	- Added shell_job() to skip parsing for a simple command

     Sat Aug  7
        - Added 'completion_function' hook for contexts to define
	- Removed currying feature from DispatchTable
	- Made fluff use our own GetOpt
	- Added the CPAN plugin

     Tue Aug 03
        - Updated the Fish api

     Mon Aug 02
        - Made some obscure changes in the StringParser internals, it doesn't use
	a tied grammar anymore, hope it performs better now
	- Added 'builtin' and 'command' builtins to Z:Shell and made some changes
	in the parse_block() logic to optimise these uses

     Sat Aug 31
        - Removed 'call' events in favour of using builtin commands for this
	- Made the 'output' routine capture output of builtin commands
	- Added parser flow chart to zoiddevel man page

     Fri Jul 30
	- Stripped down lot of the StringParser interface
        - Added glob arguments and a 'path2hashref' routine to GetOpt
	- Simplified the Utils autoloading mechanism

     Wed Jul 28
        - Finished Zoidberg::Utils::GetOpt base functionality

     Tue Jul 27
        - Added sub shells, it uses the 'SUBZ' context
	- Removed 'SH' context in favour of 'CMD' context with the 'fork_job' bit set
	- Removed PATH caching, it isn't needed anmore since execvp knows the path
	this means no cache dir is used anymore
	- Added logic for redirection operators '>|', '>&', and  '<&'

     Sun Jul 25
        - Added GetOpt to the Utils collection
	- Removed data/ and data/ and inlined their
	contents in
	- Removed 'load_on_init' config for plugins, just use the 'loadrc' event
	- gave 'plug' a '--list' option

     Mon Jul 19
        - Made Intel use Autoload
	- Added completion for the 'make' and 'man' commands

     Sun Jul 20
        - Added Zoidberg::SettingsHash to to tie the setting hash
	modifying a setting now generates an event
	- Added events for mode changes and plugin loading/deleting

     Mon Jul 12
        - Made PluginHash understand bare '.pm' files as plugins without hooks
	- Made PluginHash understad 'settings', 'aliases' and 'context' in a PluginConf
	- Added 'plug' and 'unplug' builtins to control plugin loading
	- Fixed zoidcmd string so aliases work for non-word syntax
	- Added the 'mode' feature to switch default contexts

     Sun Jul 11
        - Changed util funtion  "abs_path()" into "path()"
	- Rewrote directory history feature in the 'cd' builtin

     Thu Jul  8
        - Added overload function for the array-dereference operator for
	the return value of shell()
	- Added a 'loadrc' event

0.55 Sun Jul  4 2004
        - Added a tied @JOBS for a perlish job-/list-control interface

     Fri Jul  2
        - Revised the parsing of escapes a bit
	- Added regex globs

     Thu Jul  1
        - Removed positional parameters from alias expansion,
	reserving @_ for future use
	- Made Zoidberg switch to multiline editing mode automaticly

0.54 Tue Jun 29 2004
	Enough new stuff for a release and some cute bug fixes.
	Hope it will do better then the last two.
	- Fixed some bugs with regard to tab-expansion and quoting

     Mon Jun 28
	- (re-)created
        - deprecated usage of '.pd' files

     Sun Jun 27
        - Added documentation for
	- fixed a quoting problem with "export var='value'" syntax by making
	it a special syntax

     Tue Jun 22
        - Added heuristic enqueuing of commands when you start the command with
	an operator instead of a command

     Thu Jun 17
        - Moved commands related to job control from Contractor to Commands
	- Z:Fish::Commands now uses AutoLoader

     Wed Jun 16
	- Made aliases work more like macros, they can now contain logic and
	positional parameters

0.53 Thu May 27 2004
     Oops, another "nuked" release :( Got a typo in the test script.

0.52 Tue May 25 2004

     Mon May 24
        - Added another interface between Intel and ReadLine

     Fri May 21
        - Fixed bug in Intel code for shell object
	- Added "beat" broadcast event for async events

     Wed May 19
        - Made elaborate changes in the execution order of lists of commands.
	Job control now effectively suspends the whole list rather then one 
	process and step over it

     Wed Apr 14
        - Added Zoidberg::Shell::scalar to make the Z:Shell AUTOLOAD function
	work more DWIM'ish; it isn't perfect but it is pure perl.

0.51 Thu Apr 08 2004
	The 0.50 got "nuked" due to problems with the install scripts, so lets
	try again.

0.50 Mon Apr 05 2004
        'this that time of the year again, time for a release

     Tue Mar 30
        - Added the notify_verbose setting after trying tcsh(1)

     Fri Mar 26
        - Changed $ENV{ZOIDREF} to $Zoidberg::CURRENT
	- Changed history to Log and made it compat with ReadLine

     Wed Mar 24
        Tested zoid on IRIX - thanks to Jorik Jonker for the account
        - Made Storable an optional dependency because it's not included in

     Tue Mar 16
        - Made Contracter send a SIGPIPE if a pipeline ends, fixes some hangs
	- Made shell() return true on succes
	- Removed is_exec_in_path(), just let execvp(3) figure it out

     Mon Mar 15
        - Fixed some problems in the block_parser routine by adding a "parser"
	context sub, also made "word_list" and "filter" context subs into stacks

     Sat Mar 13
        Tested on NetBSD - thanks to S.C.Sprong for the account
        - Introduced $ENV{CLICOLOR} to switch colours on/off
	- made Utils/FileSystem less disk usage intensive
	- various small fixes in parsing
	- Fixed a set of nasty bugs concerning errors of child processes
	and both logic list handling and notification

     Thu Mar 11
        - Made intel understand the generic completion_function api
	- Dropped Term::ANSIScreen in favour of a hardcoded hash with ansi codes

     Sun Mar 07
        - Removed Buffer plugin, replaced it by the ReadLine plugin
	using Term::ReadLine::Zoid is recommended
	- Removed Prompt plugin, replaced it by a new module called Env::PS1

     Thu Jan 29
     	Tested on OS X / Darwin, this resulted in two bug fixes
	- Worked on a more sane job data struct

     Mo Jan 26 2004
        - Made Intel expand filenames after a ':' or 'VAR=', expand filenames in
	perl code and expand environment variables in both perl and shell.
	- Added diagram of the process flow to zoiddevel
	- Cleaned up old stub code

     Su Jan 25 2004
        Items below all reported by Markus "Psh2" Peter (a.k.a Warp)
        - Added small hack for darwin to the default zoidrc
	- Fixed bug in History when history is not writable
	- Dropped version numbers in Requires.pd because this forces people to 
	install all dependencies up to date without necessity

     Fr Jan 23 2004
        - Made _dezoidify() behave a little more hybrid, environment variables
	in lower case are also interpolated now
	- Fixed some bugs with interpolating of variables and globs in the
	tab expansion
	- Added "appdir" action to build process

     Fr Jan 16 2004
        - Moved Zoidberg's build process to Module::Build

0.42 Sa Jan 10 2004
        - Tested compat for 5.6.2, fixed a few oddities

     Th Jan 08 2004
        - Changed parsing order for word expansions so $_ / $shell{topic}
	now also works for shell context

     We Jan 07 2004
        - Aliases can now be recursive

     Mo Jan 05 2004
        - Added a filter layer before context parsing

     Sa Jan 03 2004
        Nerd weekend at carl0s' place -- fooled around with the parser
        - Added redirection for block contexts
	- Added local env syntax for all contexts
	- Fixed bug with multiple procs in pipeline segment
	- Cleaned up the interfaces for custom contexts
	- Added wantarray detection to shell()

     Th Jan 01 2004
        - Removed Zoidberg::Parser and merged it's code into Zoidberg

     Mo Dec 29 2003
        - Done some cleanups and some prep to dance with the parser
	- Removed Term::ANSIColor deps in favour of Term::ANSIScreen

     We Dec 10 2003
        - added environment variables to dezoidify(), scalars just get translated,
	arrays get imported from
	- fixed @ISA bug in expanding objects
	- added dezoidify for { .. } syntax, but not for perl{ .. } syntax

     Mo Dec 08 2003
        - added DESTDIR make variable to allow packaging as an ebuild

     Sa Dec 06 2003
        - added currying for closures to DispatchTable
	- carl0s made meta key combo's work transparent

0.41 Fr Dec 05 2003
        Maintenance release, also know as "the sinterklaas release" (yes you have 
	to be dutch to pronounce that correctly). Not really new features but some
	nice bug fixes and clean-ups.
        - replace all parent->print() calls with output()
	- removed overload for chdir, ENV{PWD} is now set at precmd event
	- small bug fixes in Buffer and Intel
	- Update lot of pod documentation

     We Dec 03 2003
        - small bug fix in Parser
        - small bug fixes in Buffer and Buffer::Meta::Vim

     Tu Dec 02 2003
        Re-routing some interface stuff
	- changed $self in eval scope to $shell
	- make Zoidberg inherit from Zoidberg::Shell
	- Zoidberg::Eval now only imports from Z::Shell
	- Make shell() in Z::Shell the main exec interface
	- added system() to shell so allow DispatchTable can be used to call
	system commands, OO only to avoid conflicts with perlfunc system()
	- make Zoidberg::AUTOLOAD also call Z::Shell::AUTOLOAD

     Fr Nov 28 2003
        - Fixed bug that caused non existing commands to die silently
	- made error string less informative :)

     Tu Nov 25 2003
     	Done all kinds of namespace cleanup
        - Fixed Zoidberg::Utils cluster interface using a modified version 
	of Exporter::Tidy
        - Moved Output, Error and FileRoutines to the Utils namespace,
	FileRoutines was renamed to FileSystem
	- Renamed StringParse to StringParser
	- Removed PdParse and StringFormat, moving pd_read to

     Su Nov 02 2003
        - Splitted Z::ZoidParse into Z::Parser and Z::Contractor

0.40 Th Oct 30 2003
	You may notice the numbering scheme changed, this was done to make the
	numbering a little more CPAN friendly.
        - Added regex to make statements starting with a sub routine calls
        also default the context to perl
        - Fixed bug that die'ing data files could kill zoid on init
        - Fixed job notification
	- Added 'events' en 'import' as keys for PluginConf

     We Oct 29 2003
        - Fixed some config issues in Fish::Buffer
        - Rewrote Fish::Buffer::Meta::Vim

     Mo Oct 27 2003
        - Applied patch submitted by carl0s to fix a bug that at random caused 
        jobs to hang. Seesm to work.

     Sa Oct 25 2003
        - Finished interface for custom contexts
        - Fixed bug in Intel that appeared after upgrading to perl 5.8.1
        - Double checked man1 docs

     Fr Oct 24 2003
        - Made Buffer use DispatchTable, tuned bindings for ^u and ^w
        - Added support for custom contexts

     Th Oct 23 2003
        - Discovered and repaired a bug in DispatchTable's stack code
        - Changed sub names in Zoidberg::Shell

     We Oct 22 2003
        - Fixed Config to work correctly with AppDir
        - Fixed a bug in the hashing of plugins

     Tu Oct 21 2003
        - Fixed bug that zoidrc could kill zoid
        - Fixed bug that aliases didn't show in expansion
        - Made the DELETE function of DispatchTable actully pop it's stack
	- Changed all uses of Exporter into Exporter::Tidy
	- Removed Exporter::Inheritor and Devel::GetSymbols form cvs tree
	- Cleaned up some documentation and updated faq

     Su Oct 19 2003
        - Added stack to error hash, callers  $DEBUG is used as stack lenght
	- Changed ~/.history.log into ~/.history.yaml
	- Fixed nasty bug in &Zoidberg::Eval::_dezoidify for 'arrow syntax'
	- Cleaned up most debug code, also added '-DSome::Class' switch to fluff
	- Added dir format for plugins

     Sa Sep 13 till Su Oct 19 2003
	Didn't record Changes for some time, so now I list what I remember
	without specific dates -- bad project manager, no cookie ;)
	- Created Zoidberg::PluginHash to tie $zoid->{objects}
	- Patched DispatchTable to interact with PluginHash
	- Made DispatchTable stacking so it can also be used for {events}
	- Merged all config for fluff, plugins and into {settings}
	- Revised some of the make process; creating appdirs goes more smoothly now
	see also Install
	- The dir ~/.zoid isn't used by default but can overload share/zoid
	- Share doesn't contain a 'skel' subdir anymore but now has
	the subdirs 'data' and 'plugins'
	- doesn't have a init() sub anymore, this fixed some 
	bootstrap bugs between fluff and Zoidberg
	- Started work on Zoidberg::Utils, this should ultimatly bundle all 
	the library stuff
	- added read_data_file() to Utils, should be used instead of pd_read
	- Created Zoidberg::Output to contain output stuff to be bundled in Utils,
	currently has backward compatible code.
	- Added Buffer->ask for later usage in plugins
	- Moved a lot of unused modules out of cvs tree

     Su Aug 03 2003 
	- Added array support for sh-like syntax

     Mo Jul 28 2003
	- Added dirstack functionality to Fish::Commands

     Su Jul 27 2003
	- Added variable expansion for shell-like syntax
	- Added fake arrays for shell-like syntax

0.3c Fr Jul 18 2003
	Minor release, some bugfixes, we wanted to have the latest
	version available for YAPC::Europe.

     Tu Jul 14 2003
	- added support for rcfiles
	- added some command line switches
	- made Zoidberg::Config values potentially search paths

     Su Jul 13 2003
	- rewrote Zoidberg::Shell, initial version works
	- changed the Eval AUTOLOAD function, eval now uses the 
	one from Zoidberg::Shell
	- Added a test (t/90_full.t) running a complete zoid 
	in non-interactive mode :)

     Th Jul 10 2003
	- updated most documentation
	- removed deprecated plugin docs

0.3b Mo Jul 07 2003
	Basicly a bugfix release, but also two features restored.

     Su Jul 06 2003
	- Restored tab expansion for zoid-syntax
	- Restored basic support for redirections

     Sa Jul 05 2003
	- A critical bug was fixed in the execution of logic lists.

     Fr Jul 04 2003
	- Fixed a bug so now the parser silently ignores empty blocks, this
	shows for example after a '&' or ';' command delimiter.
	- Carl0s fixed a bug in the job control code which caused a lot of
	zombie processes.
	- Initial IPC code added.

0.3a Tu Jul 01 2003
	Finally a new release with /some/ level of stability.
	Enjoy !

     Mo Jun 30 2003
     	- Fixed some issues with escape chars in Intel

     Su Jun 29 2003
	- Carl0s added another mini buffer: SearchHist.
	use ctrl_r to open search history for a command.
	- Fixed some issues with escape chars in StringParse

     Fr Jun 27 2003
	- Fixed lot's of small bugs in the make process.
	- Changed "LOCAL_DIR" var to "APPDIR"

0.3a_pre1 Tu Jun 24 2003
 	Releasing 0.3a_pre1 to test the make and release process
	- Fixed Intel module for the new StringParse system

     Th Jun 19 2003
	- Added Zoidberg::Error for OO exception handling

     We Jun 04 2003
	- Implemented new StringParse module, fixes lot of bugs.
	- Changed the parse tree format.
	- Patched ZoidParse and Eval to work with new parse tree format.

     Su Jun 01 2003
	- Added Zoidberg::DispatchTable to tie a hash with commands 
	and/or functions, it understands "->" notation.

     Mo May 12 2003
        - Added support for $CDPATH, upgraded "cd" builtin.

     We May 07 2003
        - Fixed major bugs in make process, it's now CPAN compatible.

     Sa Apr 19 2003
	- Added Zoiderg::Config

     Su Apr 06 2003
     	- Removed the MOTZ plugin, this was just legacy.
	- Tuned the interface of the FileRoutines module, seems a bit faster now.

     Mo Mar 31 2003
	- Both events and commands are now defined in a plugins config file,
	thus allowing zoidberg to 'wake up' plugins when needed.
	- Commands defined by a plugin are integrated with both the perl syntax
	as with the command syntax variants.

     We Mar 19 2003
	- All plugins now have their own config files. This makes moving plugins 
	around a bit easier.

     Tu Mar 18 2003
	- Config is not dumped on exit any longer, change of mind.
	- The FileRoutines cache now dumps using Storable, this speeds up the

0.2b Su Feb 16 2003
	- Module namespace cleaned up for CPAN

0.2  We Feb 12 2003
	- Plugins get loaded on use, not on init, thus reducing the footprint of
	shells running in the background.
	- Exec comand fixed, this solves a lot of bugs.
	- Lots of other small fixes.

     Jan       2003
	- ZoidIPC works over domain sockets, providing transparent objects.
	- Partially rewrote the input buffer, allowing multiple modusses.
	- Vi commands and keybindings are fairly complete (usable).

     Fr Jan 10 2003
	Lets try another approach to Makefile.PL, all make targets now link to
	files in the 'm/targets' directory.
	- We no longer use ExtUtils::MakeMaker
	- Install everything with "make all"
	Try "perl Makefile.PL && make help" for more info.

     We Jan  8 2003
	Making a fresh cvs directory -- this will make the directory structure
	clean and fit for packaging. As a result there will no longer be a 
	separate ProgramFiles package. Also the release scripts etc. have
	been updated to the new structure.

0.1c Mo Jan  5 2003
	Critical bug in t/use_ok.t -- 0.1b won't install on systems without cvs
	modules installed :((
	- Intel now knows "multi set" results -- allowing for more flexability
	- Zoid now waits correctly for foreground jobs

0.1b Tu Dec 31 2002
	Major change in the way pipes are handled so time for a new devel release.
	Also zoid as inlog shell seems to be working.
	- New pipes implementation, you now can use all context types in pipes.
	- Started writing user documentation.
	- Tab expansion more stable, expanding objects works again.
	- More keybindings implemented.
	- More escape codes to use in the prompt.
	- Command line options fixed.
	Prompt respawns to fast at the moment.

0.1  Fr Dec 20 2002
	We decided to make an unstable release since there are lot of fixes since the
	0.04 release, but there is still a lot to do before releasing a stable version.
	The version numbering scheme changed today:
	- odd numbered minor numbers will only be used for (unstable) devel versions
	- versions will have only one major and one minor number for real changes
	- a second minor number points to (small) bug fixes (like typo's)
	So today we release the 0.1-devel-unstable version, the first stable release
	will be 0.2, we are looking forward to that release :)

     Th Dec 19 2002
	denthijs wrote:
	> zoid running natively on macosx without problems
	> config: perl 5.6.0 , osx 10.2
	> i needed a lot of perlmods (ofcourse) but everything went like a charm

	- "zoid in zoid"-bug fixed -- zoid now takes back terminal control after
		leaving a second zoid, or for instance after leaveing a sshclient.

     We Dec 18
	- made all help files pod and upgraded the help system -- Pod::Text::Color is nice
	- added some general help files
	- added zoid.pod -- now "man zoid" works
	- made fluff and to use Getopt::Long

	Dec 15
	- also added Ctrl-BackSpace

     Tu Dec 17 2002
	- thx to carl0s keybindings finally work under debian "sid" and redhat 8.0
		non-blocking reading from STDIN seems to be malicious.

     Fr Dec 13 2002
	- added a ~/.zoid/plugins dir -- dont bug the admin to install plugins
	- added Ctrl-left and Ctrl-right in the buffer

	Dec    2002
	Created the zoidberg-devel mailing list.
	- "less" finally works in pipes
	- the Trog object and the simpel parser will
		be taken together to form
	- apart from Intel the whole parsing structure is now
		context oriented

     Th Nov 29 2002
	- we now use the &pound; sign as special sigil
		also &pound;_ as special topic :))
	- fixed exit status both intern and extern

     Th Nov 28 2002
	- parser is now fully context bassed & hot swappable
	- created namespace for persistent vars
	- carlos implemented a SQL plugin
	- added file expansion
	- inline:: glue -- use C on your perl prompt

0.04    Nov 22 2002
	Released Zoidberg 0.04
	This will probably be the last version of the 0.0x series.
	- many bug fixes
	- rewrote basic parsing
	- added '&&', '||' and ';'
	- added commandline options to ""

        Nov 7 2002
	- The new input parser is in place ( by carlos)
	- Pipes are (partially) implemented

0.03 Mo sep 30 2002
	- multi line editting done
	- changed from ".ph" to ".pd"
		more powerfull dumper - can even decompile closures
	- added much intel to tab expansion
	- added help functionality
	- added a few commands
	- many bug fixes ...

0.02 Fr sep 27 2002
	- included basic functions by rewriting a personal project
	- created a sourceforge project
	- prepared first release

0.01  Wed Sep 25 18:19:48 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n Zoidberg

0       Oct     2002
	Freshmeat can't give me a perl shell I really like 
	better then bash.
	- done some hacking on a perl shell

-3    Somewhere spring 2002
	project 'fluff' - intended to be a MUD client
	- MUD-like shell environment
	- route-planner for Ahnk-Morpork