1.08  Package asterisk::perl to resolve pause index upload.

1.07   Replace Config with Conf namespace to resolve conflict with Asterisk::config distro

1.06    New upload with original asterisk-perl distro name
    More test script updates to increase code coverage.
1.05	Fix Asterisk::Manager undefined response RT#115789 ( Thanks Chris Hemmerly)
	Fix MakeFile.PL and Asterisk::Perl for Pause Indexing (Thanks Jim Keenan)
	minor updates on the test scripts
1.04    Asterisk-Perl distribution now on Github.
	Added simple test scripts
	Travis and CoverAll integration with new Github repository
	Asterisk-Perl distribution now ready for Pull Request Challenge (http://cpan-prc.org/)
1.03	Fix AGI.pm from printing warnings on some optional variables (http://bugs.debian.org/525025)

1.02	Fix POD for AGI.pm thanks to Lawrence Gilbert
	Fix Manager.pm parsing values that were 0
	Fix verbose example in AGI.pm
	Fix return in _readparse in AGI.pm
	Fix quoting on a few AGI.pm commands

1.01	Fix 2 typos in Asterisk::Manager (Thanks Denis Smirnov)

1.00	Fix AGI readresponse so if ReadParse isn't manually run, the first command output will be returned
	Fix AGI say_datetime_all so it works correctly (pointed out by Sergey Basmanov)
	Fix Manager sendcommand problem.  Reported by numerous people but patch used from Tilghman Lesher
	Fix warning from being printed if AGI verbose is used without level

0.10	Seriously this is a test release, and if all is well next version will be 1.0.
	Allow AGI commands get_option and stream_file to accept an array of files in addition to a single file (inspired by Michael Komitee)
	Add gender paramater to AGI SAY NUMBER (only in asterisk trunk)
	Fix operator precedence login in debugging output of AGI (Thanks Matt Reilly)
	Adjust the way we handle ReadParse so it will work if the user handles those reads themself
	Quote options that are passed to exec and export $VERSION in AGI (Thanks Peter Beckman)
	Allow offset to be passed to stream_file in AGI (Thanks jfields via CPAN)
	Fix behavior of noop in AGI.pm (Thanks Dmitry Ivanov for pointing this out)

0.09	Test release.  Will go to 1.0 shortly after testing
	Change AGI.pm so we run ReadParse if the user forgot to run it manually
	Add LICENSE file to source
	Added 2 basic tests of AGI.pm so 'make test' does something
	Time to 'use strict' and 'use warnings' in AGI.pm (Hurray!)
	Added 'SetVar' as available keyword in Outgoing.pm
	Modified Asterisk::AGI set_variable to always quote the value
	Add directory.agi example from C. de Souza <m.list at yahoo.de>
	Updated calleridnamelookup.agi from Jeff Siddall <jeff at siddall.name>
	Manager.pm update from Brian Evans <brian at indosoft.ca>
	Patches from Peter Beckman <beckman at purplecow.com> (THANKS!!!)
		Add documentation for missing functions in AGI.pm
		Add control_stream_file to AGI.pm
		Add get_full_variable to AGI.pm
		Add get_option to AGI.pm
		Add say_alpha/date/time/datetime/phonetic to AGI.pm
		Change callback to be in central location rather than per function
	Allow using multiple SetVar in Outgoing.pm from Dariusz Dwornikowski <d.dwornikowski at proadmin.com.pl>
	Use 'use strict' and 'use warnings' in Outgoing.pm
0.08	Fixed Asterisk::AGI check_result regex so get_data works with '*'
	Added passing channel as arg to AGI command CHANNEL STATUS

0.07	Added new AGI command set_music
	Bug fix from John Halleck <John.Halleck@utah.edu>
	Added MD5 Challenge auth to Asterisk::Manager

0.06	*Interim Beta Release*
	Added new AGI example agi-enum.agi
	Added new module Asterisk::Outgoing
	Added new module Asterisk::Manager
	From Jean-Denis Girard <jd-girard@esoft.pf>:
		Modified get_variable in Asterisk:AGI
	Added new AGI commands database_get, database_put, database_del, and database_deltree
	Updated AGI hangup functionality to allow passing the channel to hangup
	Added new AGI command noop

0.05	Added new AGI example: calleridnamelookup.agi
	Added new module Asterisk::QCall
	Added new AGI command verbose

0.04	Started adding documentation to Asterisk::AGI (perldoc Asterisk::AGI)
	Added new AGI commands set_variable and get_variable
	Added new AGI + Festival + Net::Ping::External example: tts-ping.agi
	Added 2 new AGI + Festival examples: tts-bofh.agi and tts-line.agi

0.03	Added callback + setcallback function to detect hangups
	Added channel_status function

0.02	Added examples/agi-sayani.agi
	Added the beginning of Asterisk::Voicemail

0.01	First Release