Revision history for autobox::Core

    - Corrected spelling mistake (thanks again Gregor Herrmann)

    - Corrected spelling mistake (thanks Gregor Herrmann)
    - Document that strings work as regexen (thanks jarich)

    New Features
    - Call backtick() qx() instead (but keep backtick around) (thanks jarich)

    Incompatible Changes
    - s() now returns the modified string or success/fail depending on context

    - m() and nm() were failing to signal failure (thanks grtodd!)

    New Features
    - first() arguments are now consistent with grep(), so now  you can
      supply single non-ref scalar to it (xenu)

    Incompatible Changes
    - Removed smartmatch from first() and grep(). Now these methods have
      consistent behaviour under all perl versions and their code is much
      cleaner (xenu)

    - Fixed typo reported by myfwhite on annocpan (xenu)

    - Suppress smartmatch deprecation warnings in perls >= 5.18 (xenu)

    - Make crypt() test optional for platforms without it (thanks Hugmeir)

    - new version just to creage a new .tar.gz.  a './' owned by root
      apparently got added to the tar at some point after 'make dist'.

    - remove 'use feature' from t/synopsis.t.  this lets older perls perl.

1.25 Wed Jun 12 14:45:54 CDT 2013
    - remove 'use feature' from t/synopsis.t.  that was cut and paste from the
      docs but wasn't actually necessary there.

1.24 Sun Jul 15 11:05:11 PDT 2012
    - MANIFEST no longer includes previous distribution tar balls (Jacinta

1.23 Thu Jul 12 18:05:46 PDT 2012
    - Minor corrections (Jacinta Richardson)

1.22  Thu Jul 12 17:16:06 PDT 2012
    New Features
    - %hash->each is now guaranteed to iterate through the complete hash,
      unlike each(%hash). [github 7]
    - defined()

    Distribution Changes
    - Added Test::More 0.88 as a pre-req (Jacinta Richardson)
    - Added license for new versions of EMM

    - Expanded module synopsis (Jacinta Richardson)
    - Wrote documentation for all (or most) functions
    - Tidied book extract (Jacinta Richardson)

    Incompatible changes (Jacinta Richardson)
    - Removed functions
      - rand
      - times
      - add
      - band
      - bor
      - bxor
      - div
      - eq
      - flip
      - ge
      - gt
      - le
      - lshift
      - mult
      - mcmp
      - ne
      - meq
      - mge
      - mgt
      - mle
      - mlt
      - mne
      - rshift
      - sub
      - autobox::Core::CODE::map

    Bug Fixes
    - xor uses xor instead of ^ (Jacinta Richardson)

1.21  Mon Sep 26 16:15:19 PDT 2011
    New Features
    - $string->reverse will now always reverse the string regardless of context.
      (Technically an incompatible change, but the list behavior of $string->reverse
      was clearly useless).

    Distribution Changes
    - fix MANIFEST (thanks Steffen Müller).
    - move POD History section into standard Changes file (chocolateboy).
    - look, a change log!

    - removed unnecessary prototypes on methods (schwern)
    - updated dependency on autobox

1.2 Fri Mar 19 12:11:00 2010
    - fixes version 1.1 losing the MANIFEST and being essentially
      a null upload. Bah!
    - merges in brunov's flip, center, last_index, slice,
      range, documentation, and various bug fixes.

1.1 Thu Mar 18 13:33:00 2010
    - actually adds the tests to the MANIFEST so they get bundled.
    - Thanks to daxim/Lars DIECKOW for clearing
      out the RT queue (which I didn't know existed), merging in the fixes and
      features that still applied, which were several.

1.0 Sun Mar  7 22:35:00 2010
    - is identical to 0.9. PAUSE tells me 0.9 already exists so
      bumping the number. *^%$!

0.10 Mon Jan 25 17:18:00 2010
    - no change recorded.

0.9 Mon Jan 25 17:07:00 2010
    - is identical to 0.8. PAUSE tells me 0.8 already exists so bumping the number.

0.8 Mon Jan 25 14:28:00 2010
    - fixes unshift and pop to again return the value removed
      (oops, thanks brunov) and adds many, many more tests (wow, thanks brunov!).

0.7 Thu Mar  4 23:07:00 2010
    - uses autobox itself so you don't have to, as requested, and
      ... oh hell. I started editing this to fix Schwern's reported v-string
      warning, but I'm not seeing it.
    - Use ~~ on @array->grep if we're using 5.10 or newer.
    - Add an explicit LICENSE section per request.
    - Took many tests and utility functions from perl5i.
    - Pays attention to wantarray and returns a list or the reference, as dictated by context.
    - flatten should rarely if ever be needed any more.

0.6 Mon May 26 05:19:00 2008
    - propogates arguments to autobox and doesn't require you to use
      autobox. I still can't test it and am applying patches blindly. Maybe I'll
      drop the Hash::Util dep in the next version since it and Scalar::Util are
      constantly wedging on my system.
      The documentation needs to be updated and mention of Perl6::Contexts mostly removed.
    - JJ contributed a strip method for scalars - thanks JJ!

0.5 Tue May 13 23:59:00 2008
    - has an $arrayref->unshift bug fix and and a new flatten method for hashes.
    - this version is untested because my Hash::Util stopped working, dammit.

0.4 Sat Jan  5 17:00:00 2008
    - got numeric operations.

0.3 Wed Jan  5 21:12:00 2005
    - fixes a problem where unpack wasn't sure it had enough arguments
      according to a test introduced in Perl 5.8.6 or perhaps 5.8.5.
      This problem was reported by Ron Reidy - thanks Ron!
    - added the references to Perl 6 Now and the excerpt.

0.2 Sat May 29 21:42:00 2004
    - rounded out the API and introduced the beginnings of functional-ish methods.

0.1 Tue Mar 30 09:51:00 2004
    - woefully incomplete initial version.