3.14: Added result set merging feature.
3.13: Added multi word tokens for the macro processor.
3.12: Tie-Tools is no more a separate package.
3.11: Rewrote with Crypt::CBC, it is not compatible with old
3.10: Rewrote all C functions that used varargs. Upgraded configure to guess defaults for RedHat Linux.
3.08: Fixed bugs in the component support
3.07: Fixed mod_perl support for contemporary versions of Apache.
3.06: Added perl one liners.
3.05: Added ACL database and multiple database connections
3.02: Added macros and utility functions
3.00: Debug screens added
2.96: Perl subroutine post processor added
2.95: Improved configure script supports caching
2.94: Improved macro parser generator, improved transaction
2.85: PTS ceased, due to memory management impossibility.
2.81: Experimental middle-ware architecture: PTS, with the htplss
2.80: Tie-Tools as a seperate package
2.79: htreporter can be configured with XML via the XML::Conf module.
2.77: Result sets can be dumped to an HTML Table (via a Table object) or
2.76: Locale date strings are supported via the Date::Language module.
2.71: Introduced HTGenerator
2.70: Fixed bugs in and HTReporter
2.69: Added preprocessor, post processor and inprocessor.
2.68: LDAP support resumed, perl lines beginning with a hash sign can be
      continued next line if ended with a backslash. (For the sake of
2.66: HTML::HTPL::Select working.
2.65: htplsrvc working.
2.64: improved subhash working, html_treeview working.
2.63: Deprecated Crypt::Simple and Parse::TopDown.
2.61: Reporter generator, security checks for sendmail exploit.
2.60WIN: Experimental.
2.60: Database component compiler, new date-time functions, list
      functions, HTML::HTPL::Table, persistent objects, cookies,
      web client, log and buffer dump functions, directory recursion,
      directory and file handling functions,  self reference functions.
2.50:, new macros, HTML generation, improved result sets,
      Extensions to XPL (XML macro language for HTPL), module includes,
      line oriented pre-processor, multiple fields form processing,
      mail, web and internet functions, socket functions, one command
      page coutner, obsolette GD support, Hebrew forms support, wrapping,
      splitting and text processing.
2.20: Macros, memory result sets, improved result sets.
2: Result sets, HTML generation. URL Redirection & MIME types. 
1: HTML/Perl preprocessor.