2016-12-08  Cedric Cellier  <rixed-cpan@happyleptic.org>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm: various fixes of some reported or
	unreported bugs.

2006-10-19  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm (update_recurrences): fix problem with
	replacement event (recurrence-id) prior to rrule event
	in file.

2006-09-10  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm (VEVENT): fix problems with alarms on
	recurring events
2005-07-02  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm (convert_value): fix handling of lists of
	dates (EXDATE)

2005-03-28  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* t/calendars/04recurrence.ics (BEGIN): added test for empty set

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm (VEVENT): handle recurrence generating sets
	with no entries.

2005-02-08  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* Build.PL: build_require freeze/thaw, latest version of
	Test::More (is_deeply comparison problems).

	* t/02parse.t: change from using Data::Dumper to freeze/thaw for
	saving/comparing parsing output.

2005-02-04  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* t/02parse.t: force explicit timezone for tests.

2005-02-01  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm: change date handling. added tz
	argument. Default now "local" instead of "floating". This is
	consistent w/ iCal's handling of dates.

2005-01-09  Rick Frankel  <rick@pb.local>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm (parse_strings): added parse_strings
	(suggested by Bob Goldstein), and, for consistency parse_files
	alias for parse.

2005-01-04  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* t/02parse.t: make tests independent of current year 

	* t/01args.t: ditto

2004-12-31  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* lib/iCal/Parser.pm (VCALENDAR): change default name of calendar
	to basename of file from "Calendar $idx" if possible.

2004-12-23  Rick Frankel  <rick@gg5.local>

	* Parser.pm (_convert_value): deal with mozilla's negative dates
	in todos