Revision history for namespace-autoclean

0.29      2019-08-24 17:07:22Z
  - switch from Test::Requires to Test::Needs
  - report on the installed versions of more optional modules

0.28      2015-10-13 01:25:26Z
  - skip failing tests with old Moo or when Sub::Util is broken (RT#107643)

0.27      2015-09-09 02:29:20Z
  - package with only ExtUtils::MakeMaker to ease installation on perl 5.6

0.26      2015-06-07 02:53:17Z
  - mark all Mouse tests as TODO below perl 5.010, to enable installation
    despite apparent instability issues (see RT#101825)

0.25      2015-06-03 01:09:06Z
  - load Moo::Role earlier in a test, to make a potential misconfiguration
    more visible

0.24      2015-01-03 20:44:36Z
  - re-release to fix problematic $VERSION declaration (RT#101095)

0.23      2014-12-27 04:07:03Z
  - be more lenient in optional Mouse tests to handle edge cases in older and
    pure perl versions

0.22      2014-11-04 06:19:54Z
  - fix an erroneous change in 0.21

0.21      2014-11-04 05:24:36Z
  - drop testing of MooseX::MarkAsMethods, now that Moose 2.1400 has better
    overload handling

0.20      2014-09-06 23:04:12Z
  - Moose earlier than 2.0300 had a broken ->does method, which called methods
    on a class's meta when it might not be initialized (RT#98424)

0.19      2014-06-17 04:57:07Z
  - more comprehensive testing with Moo/Mouse/Moose
  - fixed cleaning of constants

0.18      2014-06-14 20:12:59Z
  - better method detection for Mouse (github #4, Graham Knop)

0.17      2014-06-10 20:13:14Z
  - Add -except to import options. This allows you to explicitly not clean a
    sub. (github #3, Dave Rolsky)

0.16      2014-05-27 04:50:22Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Changed the code to no longer _require_ Class::MOP. If your class is not a
    Moose class then we don't load Class::MOP. This was particularly
    problematic for Moo classes. Using namespace::autoclean with a Moo class
    "upgraded" it to be a Moose class.
  - Using this module broke overloading in a class. Reported by Chris
    Weyl. (RT#50938)

0.15      2013-12-14 17:47:21Z
  - update configure_requires checking in Makefile.PL, add CONTRIBUTING file

0.14      2013-10-09 03:06:00Z
  - bump dependency on B::Hooks::EndOfScope, to get the separation of
    pure-perl and XS components (RT#89245)
  - repository migrated to the github moose organization

0.13      2011-08-24 09:33:00Z
  - Fix issue in dist.ini which was causing links to be incorrectly generated.
  - Re-package to remove BEGIN { $VERSION hackery by using a newer

0.12      2011-02-04 10:39:00Z
  - Bump namespace::clean dep to 0.20 to pull in the bugfix for
    Package::Stash::XS 0.19

0.11      2010-05-07 17:32:37Z
  - Improve distribution metadata.

0.10      2010-05-01 18:32:59Z
  - Fix documentation typo (Andrew Rodland).

0.09      2009-09-15 05:45:16Z
  - Fix to avoid deprecation warnings from the latest Class::MOP, but
    it still works with older versions too. (Dave Rolsky)
  - Fix a documentation typo (Jonathan Yu).

0.08      2009-06-07 15:34:02Z
  - Run the role tests again Moose >= 0.56 only.
  - Add diagnostic for the Moose version to the role test.

0.07      2009-05-27 20:27:46Z
  - Drop the useless Class::MOP::class_of call (Chris Prather).
  - Extend -also to make it accept coderefs and regexen (Kent Fredric).

0.06      2009-05-20 13:14:36Z
  - Allow selection of explicit cleanee (Shawn M Moore).

0.05      2009-05-01 10:44:25Z
  - Don't clean the 'meta' method for Moose roles, even if it's not
    included in get_method_list.

0.04      2009-04-22 05:42:32Z
  - Make -also accept a plain string instead of only an array ref.

0.03      2009-04-18 09:43:10Z
  - Changes dependeny of Class::MOP to 0.80, this is the first version
    with class_of.

0.02      2009-04-17 12:21:46Z
  - Allow removing symbols other than imports using the -also option.

0.01      2009-04-11 00:41:50Z
  - Initial release.