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=head1 NAME

perlriscos - Perl version 5 for RISC OS


This document gives instructions for building Perl for RISC OS. It is
complicated by the need to cross compile. There is a binary version of
perl available from L<http://www.cp15.org/perl/> which you may wish to
use instead of trying to compile it yourself.

=head1 BUILD

You need an installed and working gccsdk cross compiler
L<http://gccsdk.riscos.info/> and REXEN

Firstly, copy the source and build a native copy of perl for your host
Then, in the source to be cross compiled:

=over 4

=item 1.

    $ ./Configure

=item 2.

Select the riscos hint file. The default answers for the rest of the
questions are usually sufficient.

Note that, if you wish to run Configure non-interactively (see the INSTALL
document for details), to have it select the correct hint file, you'll
need to provide the argument -Dhintfile=riscos on the Configure

=item 3.

    $ make miniperl

=item 4.

This should build miniperl and then fail when it tries to run it.

=item 5.

Copy the miniperl executable from the native build done earlier to
replace the cross compiled miniperl.

=item 6.

    $ make

=item 7.

This will use miniperl to complete the rest of the build.


=head1 AUTHOR

Alex Waugh <alex@alexwaugh.com>