perl5-ingy - Ingy's Favorite Perl 5 Feature Set

perl5-ingy-pm perl5-ingy-pm


    use perl5-ingy;


Using this module is the same as:

    use 5.010;
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use IO::All;
    use YAML::XS;
    use Capture::Tiny ':all';
    use XXX -with => 'YAML::XS';

This is an early release. More modules will be added as this framework matures.


this module is brand new. Don't use it. I wouldn't if I were you. But I'm not you. I use it. But I'm Ingy. This module is named after me. You are not Ingy. This module is not named after you. iykwimaittydrotflmaowtfbbqstfuftwkthxbai.