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2013-01-06  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Do not decrement IDF in GC code.  I am not sure why the previous
	code could produce negative document frequencies.

2011-01-30  Damyan Ivanov <>

	* Description: Replace usage of '' by File::Find is scheduled for removal from the perl core

2008-11-17  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* perlindex.PL: applied typo patch from Slaven Rezic

2008-10-19  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* perlindex.PL: Garbage collect can not change the index while
	scanning it.  Doing a copy now.

	* perlindex.PL: Fixed $gc_required scoping error.  Removed code
	duplication. Added progress indication for GC collect. 

	* perlindex.PL: Fixed the indexing of the default directories
	(code duplication needs to be removed) and added checking for
	removed files (

2008-10-19  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* perlindex.PL: Added support for updating documents as requested
	by SREZIC in
	Update is transparent - except for the time used in the garbage
	collect phase.

2006-07-02  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* perlindex.PL (index): moving the check for Pod::Text in the
	index function.  The result went out of scope before (thanks
	Florian for the bug report).  Fixing the loop variable in the main
	loop (thanks Florian for the bug report).  Adding support for
2006-03-19  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Fixed a bug reported by Florian Ragwitz:  Absolute filenames
	were access incorrectly from hit list.

2005-09-18  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Integrated a patch from Marek Rouchal to use Pod::Text for
	parsing if available.  I did rework the patch a little to remove
	the need for IO::Scalar which does no seem to be part of debian
	sarge.  Now underscore is also a valid letter.

2005-04-10  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Re-Added Text::English as it does not seem to be available
	separately.  I'd rather not package a "foreign" separately.

2005-04-03  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Removed Text::English from Distribution
	* Determine pager and search path at run time (Patch from Marek, Ticket #4506)

2004-05-02  Florian Ragwitz

	* please parameterize the $IDIR in the make process
	* clarified license
	* clarified authorship of Text::English
2003-06-19  Slaven Rezic 

	* t/basic.t: made test more safe and portable

2003-06-18  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	Added some regression tests before the CPAN testers beat me up.

2003-06-18  Slaven Rezic 

        [cpan #2820] Fix indexed directories

        In some perl installations, installsitelib is not part of the
	privlib directory. That is, privlib is something like
	/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0 and installsitelib something like
	/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0.  This causes the perlindex
	indexer not to dive into installsitelib.

Sun Mar 10 13:05:46 MET 1996   "Chuck D. Phillips (NON-HP Employee)" <>

By default, the program perlindex isn't deleted when you do a "make
clean" the result is that the constants don't get updated
next time you do a "make all".  To fix this, you can add the following
line to the WriteMakefile() parameters in Makefile.PL:

	      'clean' =>	{ 'FILES' => 'perlindex' },

Nit: Term::ReadKey is more reliable for cbreak than using $d_bsd.  On
HPUX, setting BSD_Style to either 0 or 1 doesn't quite work right.
I've hacked my own copy of perlindex.PL to prefer Term::ReadKey if
available.  Otherwise, it defaults to old behavior execept that it
resolves during "make all" instead of at run time.  (I also insert
"col" between the nroff and the pager to avoid some garbage on HPUX.)
I've included the diffs at the bottom.

patch7 Description:

	Fixed test for compressed int patch.

Fri Mar  8 20:26:27 MET 1996   Ulrich Pfeifer <>

patch6 Description:

	man3direxp will not be indexed any more. Even if inside of
	privlibexp. Fixed bug with -nomenu. Did eat characters ;-)
	cbreak for non bsd systems (hopefully).

Wed Feb 28 13:45:28 MET 1996   Ulrich Pfeifer <>

patch5 Description:

	Nroff, man1direxp, privlibexp, prefix and pager are now
	determined at extraction time. Nroff and pager were hardcoded

Fri Feb 23 11:22:12 MET 1996   Ulrich Pfeifer <>

. Description:

	Fixed version computation.
	Fixed menu numbering. First hit could not be selected before.
        Added chmod 0755 to perlindex.PL
Thu Feb 22 19:17:54 MET 1996   Ulrich Pfeifer <>

. Description:

	New version numbering.
	Added cbreak mode.

Thu Feb 22 16:43:57 MET 1996   Ulrich Pfeifer <>

. Description: