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0.15	14 November 2019
	- Added LICENSE meta name - Mohammad S Anwar (MANWAR)

0.14	14 November 2019
	- Fix tests for perls that no longer have . in @INC
	- Add .travis.yml
	- Update Makefile.PL to include CONFIGURE_REQUIRES, BUILD_REQUIRES, PREREQ_PM, dist, clean
	- Add link to github repository
	- Update Licence

0.13	9 November 2019

0.12	3 April 2012
	Fix test-suite so that it also (presumably) passes all tests in Win
	with strawberry perl.

0.11	31 March 2012
	Some pod fixes and brought up to current code esthetics.  Also checked
	it runs on 5.14.2 threaded and unthreaded.

0.10	6 February 2009
	Added support for more complex persona specifications, specifically
	!( foo || bar ) to indicate that code should be compiled for all
	but the given personas.

0.09	5 February 2009
	Fixed test-suite so we don't die on OS's that don't support setting
	environment variables on the commandline, such as Win*.

	30 January 2009
	Fixed test-suite so that any existing script by the name 'foo' does
	not interfere with our 'foo' for testing script behaviour.

0.08	29 January 2009
	Added wildcard functionality to "only_for", and the possibility to
        specify multiple "only_for"'s in on call..  Rearranged pod slightly
	to de-emphasize command line parameter handling, as we now support
	having persona dependent code simply in a script.  Adapted tests to
	test for new functionalities.

0.07	29 January 2009
	Added capability to use persona filtering easily inside a script,
	without having to resort to funny things: the funny things now happen
	nicely embedded inside "import".  Added tests for this functionality
	as well, of course!

	Added some path information to make tests pass if no previous version
	of persona is installed: apparently any installed version was leaking
	into parts of the test.

0.06	26 January 2009
	Removed the -require- handler: it is possible to set %INC from the
	@INC handler (I should have read the "perldoc -f require" more

	Now uses the normal handling if there are no skipped lines found:
	if there are, __FILE__ is now set to what it would be without it
	having been processed.

0.05	25 January 2009
	Added code to have any errors in -require- be reported from the "right"
	location, to avoid code breakage by stupid core modules such as
	"" that seem to depend on specific call stack info when a
	-require- fails.

0.04	25 January 2009
	Removed dependency to non-core module List::MoreUtils.  Got so used
	to using that module that I incorrectly assumed it was core (well,
	maybe it should be ;-).  Spotted by Frank Wiegand.

0.03	25 January 2009
	Externalized parsing logic in "path2source" class method.

	Added -require- handler so that we can properly set the %INC setting
	of the processed file.  Adapted CAVEATS section accordingly.

	And more tests of course.

0.02	24 January 2009
	Changed the abstract.  Fixed some warnings.  Added a CAVEATS section.

0.01	23 January 2009
	First version of