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Changes w/ 6.0.0:

- Lexical::Types dependency for simple type assignment

Changes w/ 5.1.14:

- Passes on all v5.28 or later

Changes w/ 5.1.5:

- Off-by-one error in tree walker after tweaked tree

Changes w/ 5.1.1:

- Segfault-free reentrant behavior w/ test

Changes w/ 4.1.7:

- Kwalitee final touches

Changes w/ 4.1.6:

- MANIFEST repairs

Changes w/ 4.1.5:

- Kwalitee test recommendations

Changes w/ 4.1.4:

- Doc fixes

Changes w/ 4.1.3:

- Doc fixes

Changes w/ 4.1.2:

- Slightly more robust tree walker