Distributions Which Depend on Exception::Class::DBI
River gauge Release Uploaded
River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents POE-Component-MessageQueue-0.3004 A STOMP based message queue server 05 Jun 2017 14:11:33 UTC
River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent PLUTO-0.30 Son of ODO -> Ontologies, Databases and, Optimization 12 May 2011 23:49:49 UTC
River stage zero No dependents DBIx-Changeset-1.11 Discrete management for database changes. 15 Nov 2010 03:21:54 UTC
River stage zero No dependents Apache-Voodoo-3.0200 or just Voodoo for short; is a web application framework 28 Jun 2010 20:23:02 UTC
River stage zero No dependents Activator-0.91 Object Oriented framework to ease creation and rapid development of multi-developer distributed mixed environment perl based software projects, especially Catalyst based websites. 15 Oct 2008 17:10:40 UTC
River stage zero No dependents AxKit-App-TABOO-0.52 Object Oriented Publishing Framework for AxKit 01 Dec 2007 13:26:02 UTC
River stage zero No dependents Xmldoom-0.0.16 Xmldoom is a framework that allows you to bind database tables to Perl objects, a technique commonly referred to as object persistence, similar in purpose to Propel and Apache Torque 08 Feb 2007 22:46:26 UTC
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