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ASP - a Module for ASP (PerlScript) Programming


        use strict;
        use ASP qw(:strict);

        print "Testing, testing.<BR><BR>";
        my $item = param('item');

        if($item eq 'Select one...') {
            die "Please select a value from the list.";

        print "You selected $item.";


This module is based on Matt Sergeant's excellent Win32::ASP module, which can be found at <>. After using Mr. Sergeant's module, I took on the task of customizing and optimizing it for my own purposes. Feel free to use it if you find it useful.


This module is designed to work with both ASP PerlScript on IIS4, as well as mod_perl/Apache::ASP on *nix platforms. Apache::ASP already provides some of the functionality provided by this module; because of this (and to avoid redundancy), attempts to detect its environment. Differences between Apache and MS ASP are noted.

Both of the print() and warn() standard perl funcs are overloaded to output to the browser. print() is also available via the $ASP::ASPOUT->print() method call.

$Request->ServerVariables are only stuffed into %ENV on Win32 platforms, as Apache::ASP already provides this. also exports the $ScriptingNamespace symbol (Win32 only). This symbol allows PerlScript to call subs/functions written in another script language. For example:

    <%@ language=PerlScript %>
        use ASP qw(:strict);
        print $ScriptingNamespace->SomeSub("arg1");
    <SCRIPT language=VBScript runat=server>
    Function SomeSub (str)
        SomeSub = SomethingThatReturnsSomething()
    End Function


use ASP qw(:basic);

Exports basic subs: Print, Warn, die, exit, param, param_count. Same as use ASP;

use ASP qw(:strict);

Allows the use of the ASP objects under use strict;.

NOTE: This is not the only way to accomplish this, but I think it's the cleanest, most convenient way.

use ASP qw(:all);

Exports all subs except those marked 'not exported'.

use ASP ();

Overloads print() and warn() and provides the $ASP::ASPOUT object.


warn LIST

warn (or more specifically, the __WARN__ signal) has been re-routed to output to the browser.

FYI: When implemented, this tweak led to the removal of the prototypes Matt placed on his subs.


Warn is an alias for the ASP::Print method described below. The overloading of warn as described above does not currently work in Apache::ASP, so this is provided.

print is overloaded to write to the browser by default. The inherent behavior of print has not been altered and you can still use an alternate filehandle as you normally would. This allows you to use print just as you would in CGI scripts. The following statement would need no modification between CGI and ASP PerlScript:

    print param('URL'), " was requested by ", $ENV{REMOTE_HOST}, "\n";

Prints a string or comma separated list of strings to the browser. Use as if you were using print in a CGI application. Print gets around ASP's limitations of 128k in a single $Response->Write() call.

NB: print calls Print, so you could use either, but print more closely resembles perl.

DebugPrint LIST

Output is displayed between HTML comments so the output doesn't interfere with page aesthetics.


The same as Print except the output is HTML-encoded so that any HTML tags appear as sent, i.e. < becomes &lt;, > becomes &gt; etc.

die LIST

Prints the contents of LIST to the browser and then exits. die automatically calls $Response->End for you, it also executes any cleanup code you have added with AddDeathHook.


Exits the current script. $Response->End is called automatically for you. Any cleanup code added with AddDeathHook is also called.

escape LIST

Escapes (URL-encodes) a list. Uses ASP object method $Server->URLEncode().

unescape LIST

Unescapes a URL-encoded list. Algorithms ripped from method of the same name.


Escapes a list of HTML. Uses ASP object method $Server->HTMLEncode().

If passed an array reference, escapeHTML will return a reference to the escaped array.

unescapeHTML LIST

Unescapes an HTML-encoded list.

If passed an array reference, unescapeHTML will return a reference to the un-escaped array.

param EXPR [, EXPR]

Simplifies parameter access and makes switch from GET to POST transparent.

Given the following querystring:


    param()      returns ('x', 'y')
    param('y')   returns 'c'
    param('x')   returns ('a', 'b')
    param('x',1) returns 'a'
    param('x',2) returns 'b'

NOTE: Under Apache::ASP, param() simply passes the arguments to CGI::param() because Apache::ASP doesn't support the $obj->{Count} property used in this function.

param_count EXPR

Returns the number of times EXPR appears in the request (Form or QueryString).

For example, if URL is




returns 2.

NOTE: Under Apache::ASP, param_count() performs some manipulation using CGI::param() because Apache::ASP doesn't support the $obj->{Count} property used in this function.

AddDeathHook LIST

Allows cleanup code to be executed when you die or exit. Useful for closing database connections in the event of a fatal error.

        my $conn = Win32::OLE-new('ADODB.Connection');
        ASP::AddDeathHook( sub { $Conn->Close if $Conn; } );

Death hooks are not executed except by explicitly calling the die() or exit() methods provided by

AddDeathHook is not exported.


Tim Hammerquist <>


Version 1.07

Added Warn() because warn() overloading doesn't appear to work under Apache::ASP.

Was forced to clear @DeathHooks array after calling _END() because of the persistent state of Apache::ASP holding over contents across executions.

Removed BinaryWrite(), SetCookie(), and Autoload functionality.

Version 1.00

The escapeHTML() and unescapeHTML() functions now accept array refs as well as lists, as Win32::ASP::HTMLEncode() was supposed to. Thanks to Matt Sergeant for the fix.

Version 0.97

Optimized and debugged.

Version 0.77

Overloaded warn() and subsequently removed prototypes.

Exported $ScriptingNamespace object.

Added methods escape(), unescape(), escapeHTML(), unescapeHTML(). Thanks to Bill Odom for pointing these out!

Re-implemented SetCookie and BinaryWrite functions.

Version 0.11

Optimized and debugged.