David Farrell
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AWS::IP - Get and search AWS IP ranges in a caching, auto-refreshing way


version 0.03


  use AWS::IP;

  my $aws = AWS::IP->new(600, '/tmp/aws_ip_cache');

  # get the raw data as a Perl reference
  my $aws_ip_data = $aws->get_raw_data;

  # check if an ip address is AWS
  if ($aws->is_aws_ip('')

  # get a list of all AWS cidrs
  my $cidrs = $aws->get_cidrs;

  for (@$cidrs)

  # create your own ip checks
  use Net::CIDR::Set;

  my $ec2_cidrs = $aws->get_cidrs_by_service('EC2');
  my $aws_ec2_set = Net::CIDR::Set->new( @$ec2_cidrs );

  if ($aws_ec2_set->contains($ip)

  # time passes, cache has expired
  $aws_ip_data = $aws->get_raw_data; # auto refreshes


AWS publish their IP ranges, which periodically change. This module downloads and serializes the IP ranges into a Perl data hash reference. It caches the data, and if the cache expires, re-downloads a new version. This can be helpful if you want to block all AWS IP addresses and periodically refresh the blocked IPs.

new ($cache_timeout_secs, [$cache_path])

Creates a new AWS::IP object and sets up the cache. Requires an number for the cache timeout seconds. Optionally takes a cache path argument. If no cache path is supplied, AWS::IP will use a random temp directory. If you want to reuse the cache over multiple processes, provide a cache path.

ip_is_aws ($ip, [$service])

Boolean method to test if an ip address is from AWS. Optionally takes a service name (AMAZON|EC2|CLOUDFRONT|ROUTE53|ROUTE53_HEALTHCHECKS) and restricts the check to AWS ip addresses for that service.

If you are checking more than one ip address, it's more efficient to pull the CIDRs you want, then use Net::CIDR::Set to test if the ips are present in the CIDRs (see example in SYNOPSIS).


Returns the entire raw IP dataset as a Perl data structure.


Returns an arrayref of the CIDRs in the AWS IP address data.

get_cidrs_by_region ($region)

Returns an arrayref of CIDRs matching the provided region.

get_cidrs_by_service ($service)

Returns an arrayref of CIDRs matching the provided service (AMAZON|EC2|CLOUDFRONT|ROUTE53|ROUTE53_HEALTHCHECKS).


Returns an arrayref of the regions in the AWS IP address data.


Returns an arrayref of the services (Amazon, EC2 etc) in the AWS IP address data.


AWS::Networks - is similar to this module but does not provide cacheing.

Amazon's page on AWS IP ranges.


David Farrell <dnmfarrell@cpan.org>


This software is copyright (c) 2015 by David Farrell.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.