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Ado::BuildPlugin - Custom routines for Ado::Plugin::* installation


    #Ado must be already installed  and
    #Ado::BuildPlugin should be somewhere in @INC
    use Ado::BuildPlugin;
    my $builder = Ado::BuildPlugin->new(..);


This is a subclass of Module::Build. We use Module::Build::API to add custom functionality so we can install Ado and its plugins in a location chosen by the user. To use this module for installing your plugins Build.PL should some how find it in @INC (may be via $ENV{PERL5LIB}).

This module and Ado::Build exist because of the additional install paths that we use beside lib and bin. These modules also can serve as examples for your own builders if you have some custom things to do during build, test, install and even if you need to add a new ACTION_* to your setup.


Ado::BuildPlugin inherits all methods from Module::Build. It also imports create_build_script, process_etc_files, process_public_files, process_templates_files from Ado::Build.


Красимир Беров (Krasimir Berov)


Copyright 2013-2014 Красимир Беров (Krasimir Berov).

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