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Alzabo::Display::SWF - Create SWF (Flash) Movies for visualizing Alzabo database schemas.


  use Alzabo::Display::SWF;
  my $s = Alzabo::Display::SWF->create( $alzabo_schema_name );
  my ($width, $height) = $s->dim;

  use Alzabo::Display::SWF qw/my_conf.yml/;


This Module uses the information provided by an Alzabo database schema and - with the help of the GraphViz module and the Ming library - creates a SWF Movie which contains a visualization of the data model.

Each table of the Database Schema is displayed, with the name in a table header and the columns following in the body. Primary and foreign keys are indicated by a small circle in front of the column name. In the case of a foreign key, moving the mouse over the indicator displays a line to the indicator(s) of the column(s) it is related to (in the same or in another table).

In the bottom of the movie there is a label with the name of the Alzabo schema. Clicking on this label toggles the display of all relations between tables.

Individual configuration of the colors, fonts and linestyles in the movie can be done via a YAML configuration file (see SYNOPSIS).


  • Signify cardinality and (in)dependence of relationships.

  • Show column metadata.

  • ...


Stefan Baumann <>


Alzabo, GraphViz, YAML, SWF