Berthold Michel
and 1 contributors


Ante::Deluvian::Dialog - Perl extension for very old style user interaction


  use Ante::Deluvian::Dialog;
  $d = Ante::Deluvian::Dialog->new(
    platform  => "MSWIN",
    drawframe => 1,
    title     => "Title of Window",
    prompt    => "Please make your choice:",
    # record    => 1,
    # replay    => "C:/temp/addialog/<username>_<pid>.txt",

  $fdir  = $d->dselect();
  print "You have selected directory $fdir ...\n";
  $fname = $d->fselect($fdir);
  print "You have selected file $fname ...\n";
  @aLst = ( "A" .. "Z", "a" .. "z" );
  @aRes = $d->listbox(\@aLst, select => "multi");
  $rd = $d->radiolist([
                [ "List of radio buttons", 1, ],
                [ "red",    "RED", 0 ],
                [ "green",  "GRN", 1 ],
                [ "blue",   "BLU", 0 ],
                [ "yellow", "YLW", 0 ],

        "Press <RETURN> to continue ...",
        "Attention! This is considered to be",
        "an alert box (see below) ...",
        "The recent radio list resulted in $rd",

  if (-T $fname) {
    $inpf = IO::File->new($fname);
  else {


new (platform => "MSWIN", title => "Window's title", prompt => "What do you want");

There are two other options record, which can be set to a boolean value, and replay, which expects to get some previously recorded input file. This is mainly for testing purposes, if you don't like to repeat a special input sequence by hand... I'm sure you will find out if this is interesting to you.


After several attempts to get curses running on windows (without having to install cygwin), I made up my mind to do some programming to get a pure ASCII based and very simple dialog window.

I'm sure there won't be many users preferring this kind of interface, but I don't want to be obliged to produce some GUI just for controling or testing communication.

Whoever will try this program, will think that I have gone mad, and he will certainly be right.


There are many packages with much more comfort, e. g. UI::Dialog, but they didn't do what I really wanted ...


Berthold H. Michel, <>


Copyright (C) 2009 by B. H. Michel

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.10.0 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.