use Apache::AppCluster::Client; #in your client applications

See Apache::AppCluster::Server and Apache::AppCluster::Client documentation for details on usage.


Apache::AppCluster is a lightweight mod_perl RPC mechanism that allows you to use your mod_perl web servers as distributed application servers that serve multiple concurrent RPC requests to remote clients across a network. The client component has the ability to fire off multiple simultaneous requests to multiple remote application servers and collect the responses simultaneously.

This is similar to SOAP::Lite in that it is a web based RPC mechanism, but it has the advantage of being able to send/receive multiple concurrent requests to the same or different remote application servers and the methods/functions called on the remote servers may receive and return Perl data structures of arbritary complexity - entire objects can be flung back and forth with ease.

Please see Apache::AppCluster::Client and Apache::AppCluster::Server documentation for full details on server configuration (very easy) and Client usage (OO interface).


None known. Please send to the author.


Apache::AppCluster::Client and Apache::AppCluster::Server contain comprehensive documentation on their respective usages.


Mark Maunder <> - please email problems, suggestions and bugs.