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Apache::AuthenURL::Cache - Authentication caching used in conjuction with a primary authentication module (eg Apache::AuthenURL) and mod_perl2


 # In your httpd.conf
 PerlModule Apache::AuthenURL::Cache

 # In httpd.conf or .htaccess:
 AuthName Name
 AuthType Basic

 PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthenURL::Cache <Primary Authentication Module>
 require valid-user

 # Optional parameters
 PerlSetVar AuthenCache_CacheTime     900 # Default: indefinite
 PerlSetVar AuthenCache_Encrypted     Off # Default: On
 PerlSetVar AuthenCache_NoPasswd      Off # Default: Off


Apache::AuthenURL::Cache implements a caching mechanism in order to speed up authentication and to reduce the usage of system resources. It must be used in conjunction with a regular mod_perl2 authentication module.

It was designed with Apache::AuthenURL in mind, but it can be used with other modules.

The module makes use of mod_perl2 stacked handlers.


The following variables can be defined within the configuration of Directory, Location, or Files blocks or within .htaccess files:


This directive contains the number of seconds before the cache is expired. Default is an indefinite time limit.


If this directive is set to 'Off', passwords are not encrypted. Default is 'On', ie passwords use standard Unix crypt.


If this directive is set to 'On', passwords may be zero length. Default is 'Off', ie passwords may not be zero length.


mod_perl2, Cache::SharedMemoryCache, Date::Format


This module is a rewrite for mod_perl2 of Apache::AuthenCache written by Jason Bodnar and later maintained by Christian Gilmore


John Groenveld <>


Copyright (C) 2004, John Groenveld

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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