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Apache::AxKit::Provider::FileWrite - File provider class with write support


Override the base ContentProvider class and enable it using:

    AxContentProvider Apache::AxKit::Provider::FileWrite

Using this with the StyleProvider directive is not very useful at the moment. This might change depending on processor features.


Warning: This is experimental. It was included for testing purposes. The API might change, or the module might be removed again.

This provider provides the bare minimum of write access. Use this like any other provider.

This class supports the following additional interfaces:

  • $provider->get_fh(1)

    Get a file handle for writing. The old contents of that file are erased, if any. $provider->get_fh() or an explicit $provider->get_fh(0) work like before. Directories are not currently supported.

  • $provider->remove()

    Remove the file from the filesystem.

  • $provider->set_strref(\$text)

    Store a string in the file, the opposite of $provider->get_strref().

This is the minimum set of operations to manage files. If you need locking, you have to implement that yourself. Metadata can be queried through the AxHandleDirs extension, but cannot yet be set. are no provisions for locking or metadata - you have to do that yourself. These primitives are abstract enough to apply to other sources as well, for example a XML database. If you implement other providers with write support, please stick to this API.


Jörg Walter <>


AxKit, Apache::AxKit::Provider

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