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Apache::OWA - Run OWA applications under Apache/mod_perl


Runs Oracle PL/SQL apllications written using Oracle's PL/SQL Web Toolkit under Apache/mod_perl.


DBI, DBD::Oracle, Apache::DBI, Apache::Request (libapreq), Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit (any version should work)


Example configuration.

 <Location /scott/>
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler Apache::OWA;
    PerlSetVar DAD oracle:scott:tiger

This configuration means that calling "http://server/scott/print_cgi_env" executes the pl/sql procedure "scott.print_cgi_env".

Other configuration options:

 PerlSetVar SCHEMA oas_public
    This lets you execute procedures under a different schema (user) 
    than the ones specified in the DAD-string.

 PerlSetVar DEBUG 1
    0 - No debugging. This is the default.
    1 - Light debugging and verbose errors sent to the browser.
        Useful while developing procedures.
    2 - Heavy debugging of Apache::OWA inetrnal stuff.

 PerlAuthenHandler Apache::OWA
    This invokes my special authentication handler that can do a few clever
    things. Then it passes control on to the content-handler, so if you
    use this you don't need to specify "PerlHandler Apache::OWA". It
    might also be useful in combination with "PerlSetVar SCHEMA".

 PerlSetVar DB_AUTH true
    Uses database uername and password to authenticate. If no DAD-string
    is set, it can also use the supplied username and password to execute
    your PL/SQL application.

 PerlSetVar DB_PROC_AUTH schema.function
    Uses an arbitrary PL/SQL procedure or function to authenticate.
    The procedure should take the username and password as arguments
    and return 0 for success and more than 0 for failure.

    Only set this if you know that you never use multi-value CGI variables
    that need to be mapped to PL/SQL Table datatypes. Finding these datatypes
    is some extra work and will slow down executions a little bit.

For further documentation see the README.


Svante Sormark, Latest version available from

Contibutions from:

 Slava Kalashnikov <>

 Gunnar Hellekson <> and
 Erich Morisse <> of Trilux Internet Group, Ltd.


The Apache::OWS module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl or Apache.


Apache, mod_perl, DBI, DBD::Oracle, Apache::DBI