App::Addex::Plugin::Hiveminder - automatically add "to" addrs


version 0.006


Achtung! I no longer use Hiveminder, so no longer use this plugin. If you use it, consider adopting it.

Hiveminder ( offers Pro customers the ability to assign tasks to anybody with an email address, even if they don't already use Hiveminder. With a Hiveminder Pro account, you get a "secret." Then, to assign a task to, you would send mail to

This plugin makes every entry in your address book appear to have an extra email address that will send to the assignment address.


First, you have to add the plugin to your Addex configuration file's top section:

  plugin = App::Addex::Plugin::Hiveminder

Then you'll need to setup at least a "secret" variable, which is your assign-by-email secret from your Hiveminder Pro account.

  secret = closetdiscodancer

With that done, every Entry in your AddressBook will now have an additional EmailAddress. It will receive but not send, will be based on the email address of the Entry's default address, and will have the label "todo."

To use a label other than "todo" specify a value for todo_label in the plugin configuration.

To specify that an entry's task assignment address should be built on an address other than its default address, specify the label of the address to use in that entry's todos_to field. Alternately, if the todos_to begins and ends with a slash, it will be treated as a regex and matched against the entry's addresses.

So, by way of example, if an address has these addresses:

  - home :
  - other:
  - work :

The todo address will be If todos_to were other, the todo address would be If todos_to were /charlie/, it would be c<>.

If the entry had an address with the label "todo," no address will be inserted into the returned list. If the entry had an address with the label "todo-via" it will be used to form the todo address, and will be suppressed from output. This is useful if your contact uses a specific address only for his Hiveminder account, as the recipient of a request cannot accept the request to a different address.

If the entry has a "skip_hiveminder" field, this plugin will leave it alone.


Ricardo SIGNES <>


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