search_by_mac( \%cond, \%attrs? )

 my $set = $rs->search_by_mac({mac => '00:11:22:33:44:55', active => 1});

Like search(), this returns a ResultSet of matching rows from the Node table.

  • The cond parameter must be a hashref containing a key mac with the value to search for.

  • Results are ordered by time last seen.

  • Additional columns time_first_stamp and time_last_stamp provide preformatted timestamps of the time_first and time_last fields.

  • A JOIN is performed on the Device table and the Device dns column prefetched.

To limit results only to active nodes, set {active => 1} in cond.


delete( \%options? )

Overrides the built-in DBIx::Class delete method to more efficiently handle the removal or archiving of nodes.