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Astro::STSDAS::Table - access STSDAS format table files


Astro::STSDAS::Table is a collection of routines to read STSDAS table files (see http://stsdas.stsci.edu/STSDAS.html for more information on the format). Casual users should peruse Astro::STSDAS::Table::Simple.

Those requiring a more flexible interface may wish to use Astro::STSDAS::Table::Binary, which is a subclass of Astro::STSDAS::Table::Base.

The package currently suffers from the following flaws:

  • Only binary tables are supported

  • Tables can only be read.

  • Reading of column-ordered binary tables is untested.

  • Reading of binary tables with vector elements is untested.

  • These classes were not designed as a drop in replacement for the STSDAS Table package. They were designed to simply read entire tables as is. As such the design might not scale well.


This software is released under the GNU General Public License. You may find a copy at



Diab Jerius ( djerius@cpan.org )