BigBrother::Object::Downtime - Perl extension for computing Downtime parameters in BigBrother monitoring scripts.


use BigBrother::Object::Downtime;

my $bbdown = new BigBrother::Object::Downtime( downtime_config_filename); $bbdown->is_down($hostname);


This module was designed to to complement the BigBrother Object module providing an object-oriented methodology for reading downtime configurations and determining whether or not a server is in scheduled downtime. Currently it works only with the UNIX version, but it should work with cygwin. It is loosely based upon by Joe Bryant, his module is available at

BigBrother ( is owned by BB4 Technologies, a part of Quest Software. While this software is meant to compliment the tool, it was not developed in cooperation with BB4 Technologies, and BB4 Technologies has no responsibility for it workings.

For reference, the module was developed against the UNIX Server version 1.9c.



Create a BigBrother Downtime object. This method reads in the ${BBHOME}/ext/down.cfg and returns the object. If the Config load fails, it returns the Error Message instead of the object.

    Arguements: none.

    Returns: BigBrother Downtime Object.


Retrieves whether or not the host is scheduled for downtime

    Arguements: The name of the host you want to check.

    Returns: A boolean value ( O False; 1 True ) representing whther or not the server is scheduled for downtime.


Don Shanks, <>



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