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Bot::Infobot - a Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable based replacement for the venerable infobot


First write a config file (see below for details of the format) making sure that you have a [ Store ] section. Then run

    % infobot-import <dsn> <username> <password>

and sit back and watch the show. This can take anything from 5 minutes to 6 hours depending on size of the brain and the store method (Storable is fastest, then then the DBM::Deep based Deep driver and then DBI).

Finally just type

    % infobot 

in the same directory and everything will just work. Probably.


The infobot and Bot::Infobot::Config documentation have more information but, essentially you have a main namespace and then sub namespaces for the different plugins including one special Store namespace for configuring the store.

You can get a list of config values for the bot on the infobot manpage but the minimum config you should have to get yourself up and running are something like

    nick     = mybotsnick
    server   = irc.perl.org
    channels = #bottest

    [ Store ]
    type     = Storable


The format is .ini style and currently there's no way to pass in an alternative config file but there probably should be.


After hacking in a couple of features to dipsy, #london.pm's slightly loopy infobot I felt, well, dirty. The infobt code is horrible to the point of profane depravity. The next wednesday, burdened with a monster hangover and a thorny problem percolating through my brain I hacked up a quick Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable framework as a replacement and played with porting the various plugins I could find over to this new, shiny way of doing anythings.

A few sprinkled hours later and I'd done pretty much everything and began to write a brain slurper to import the distilled wisdom of 5 odd years of ramblings.

Along the way there was various bits of Yak Shaving. Some of the results of that are up on CPAN.

The original patches that inspired this are here - http://thegestalt.org/simon/perl/


The master repository for this code is at



Simon Wistow <simon@thegestalt.org>


Copyright 2005, Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


Bot:::BasicBot::Pluggable, Bot::Infobot::Config, infobot, infobot-import, http://www.infobot.org