Author image Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior


Bundle::CPAN::Reporter::Smoker::Tests - bundles several test modules that might be used by a smoker


This bundle includes several distributions related to automated testing in Perl. It is intented to provide a easier way to include those tests that have a good chance to be required to be used by a CPAN::Reporter::Smoker instance.


    Test::Most [0.33]
    Test::MockObject [1.20140408]
    Test::NoWarnings [1.04]
    Test::Output [1.03]
    Test::Perl::Critic [1.02]
    Test::Pod [1.48]
    Test::Pod::Coverage [1.10]
    Test::Warn [0.30]
    Test::Strict [0.23]
    Test::Distribution [2.00]
    Test::Inline [2.213]
    Test::Snapshots [0.02]
    Test::Kwalitee [1.19]
    Test::DatabaseRow [2.04]
    Test::Differences [0.62]
    Test::Memory::Cycle [1.04]
    Test::Taint [1.06]
    Test::Class [0.46]
    Test::Class::Moose [0.54]
    Test::FailWarnings [0.008]
    Test::Warnings [0.016]
    Test::Fatal [0.013]
    Test::File [1.36]
    Test::LongString [0.15]
    Test::XPath [0.16]
    Test::Compile [1.3.0]
    Devel::Cover [1.15]
    Devel::NYTProf [5.06]
    Text::Diff [1.41]
    DBD::Mock [1.45]
    Test::Expect [0.31]
    Test::Class [0.46]
    Test::Mock::Simple [0.04]
    Test::MockTime [0.12]
    Test::Class::Moose [0.54]
    Test::HTML::Tidy [1.00]
    Test::Simple [1.302019]
    Test::Reporter::Transport::Socket [0.32]



Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior, <>


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