Name Bundle::LawMonkey --Bundle for MSV's SpamAssassin install =head1 SYNOPSIS perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::LawMonkey'


  This should be the abstract for Bundle::MNPBundle.
  The abstract is used when making PPD (Perl Package Description) files.
  If you don't want an ABSTRACT you should also edit Makefile.PL to
  remove the ABSTRACT_FROM option.

CONTENTS MD5 LWP Mail::Internet Archive::Tar Archive::Zip IO::Wrap IO::Stringy Unix::Syslog MIME::Words MIME::Head MIME::Body MIME::Entity MIME::Parser Net::SMTP Net::DNS Net::Ping Net::Server Net::Server::PreForkSimple Convert::TNEF Convert::UUlib MIME::Decoder::Base64 MIME::Decoder::Binary MIME::Decoder::Gzip64 MIME::Decoder::NBit MIME::Decoder::QuotedPrint MIME::Decoder::UU Time::HiRes Digest::SHA1 Digest::Nilsimsa Getopt::Long File::Copy Bit::Vector Date::Calc Mail::SpamAssassin

DESCRIPTION These modules are required per SVM's installation instructions. Creating a bundle just makes it a bit quicker. =head1 AUTHOR Mike Prunty =head1 LINCENSE Use this! =head1 SEE ALSO perl(1).