CPAN::Testers::Reports::Count - counts of CPAN Testers reports by month or year


 use CPAN::Testers::Reports::Counts ':all';

 $counts = reports_counts_by_year();

 foreach my $year (sort keys %$counts) {
     print "$year:\n";
     foreach my $category (qw(REPORTS PASS FAIL NA UNKNOWN)) {
         print "   $category = $counts->{$year}->{$category}\n";


This module gives you the number of CPAN Testers reports that were submitted in every month or year that CPAN Testers has been running. The data is returned as a hash reference, with the keys identifying either years or year/month pairs. For each month or year there are five numbers available:

  • REPORTS: the total number of reports submitted.

  • PASS: the number of successful test reports.

  • FAIL: the number of failing test reports.

  • NA: the number of "Not Applicable" results. Eg the version of Perl wasn't supported.

  • UNKNOWN: the number of Unknown tests. Eg the dist doesn't have any tests.

More detailed definitions of these can be found on the CPAN Testers wiki.

The data is grabbed from the CPAN Testers Statistics web site, so you must have a working internet connection when you use this module.

There are two functions, used to get the reports counts either by year or by month.


This function returns a hashref which is keyed off the years for which reports have been submitted:

 use CPAN::Testers::Reports::Counts 'reports_counts_by_year';
 $counts = reports_counts_by_year();
 print "total = $counts->{2013}->{REPORTS}\n";

The value in the hash for each year is another hashref, which is keyed off the report grades listed above.


This function returns a hashref which is keyed off the months for which reports have been submitted. The months are in the format 'YYYY-MM'.

 use CPAN::Testers::Reports::Counts 'reports_counts_by_month';
 $counts = reports_counts_by_month();
 print "Dec 2013 = $counts->{'2013-12'}->{REPORTS}\n";


CPAN Testers Statistics, CPAN Testers wiki. CPAN::Testers::Data::Generator - a module used to download and summarize CPAN Testers data.



Neil Bowers <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Neil Bowers <>.

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