Crypt::RandomEncryption - Use to generate random encrypted code. And even can decrypt the same.


        use Crypt::RandomEncryption;
        my $rp=new Crypt::RandomEncryption;

        my $text="Hello World 123"; #this is the text to encrypt
        my $key="secret";  #this is the secret key
        my $level=5;  #this is the depth of encryption

        my $e=$rp->encrypt($text, $key, $level);

        print "$e\n";

        my $d=$rp->decrypt($e, $key, $level);
        print "$d\n";


This module generate random encrypted code. And can decrypt the code using same key and level.

Here, level define the depth of encryption(minimum is 0). Depth of encryption is directly proportional to length of encryption code and delay in generation the code.

This, module is written above RC4 algorithm.

encrypt() Need to pass three parameters, plain text, key and level.
decrypt() Need to pass three parameters, encrypted code(encrypted using the encrypt() function), key(same used for encryption) and level(same passed while encryption).


To know more on RC4 algorithm see, .


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Copyright (C) 2013 by Vipin Singh

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