disassemble [options] [subroutine|package-name ...]


    [-]-from <line-number>
    [-]-to <line-number>

Disassembles the Perl interpreter OP tree using B::Concise.

Flags -from and -to respectively exclude lines less than or greater that the supplied line number. If no -to value is given and a subroutine or package is not given then the -to value is taken from the "listsize" value as a count, and the -from value is the current line.

Use set max list or show max list to see or set the number of lines to list.

-no-highlight will turn off syntax highlighting. -highlight=dark sets for a dark background, light for a light background and plain is the same as -no-highlight.

Other flags are are the corresponding B::Concise flags and that should be consulted for their meaning.


 disassemble       # disassemble the curren tline for listsize lines
 dissasm           # default alias; same as above
 disasm -from 15 -to 19  # disassmble lines 15-19
 disasm main::fib  # disassemble the main::fib() subroutine
 disasm     # disassemble file
 disassm -debug -exec  # block style, rather than tree, like B::Debug

See also:

list, and deparse, set highlight, set max list, and show max list.