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DocSet::Doc::POD2HTML - POD source to HTML target converter



Implements an DocSet::Doc sub-class which converts a source document in POD, into an output document in HTML.


For the rest of the super class methods see DocSet::Doc.

  • convert

Rendering Class

documents using this class are rendered via DocSet::Doc::POD2HTML::View::HTML, which is a subclass of Pod::POM::View::HTML.

view_head{1-4}() are overridden to add the <a name> anchors next to the headers for proper hyperlinking.

view_seq_file() is overriden too. Here we search for the file relative to the location of the document and if we find it we link to it otherwise the default behaviour applies (the file path is turned into italics).

view_verbatim() is overriden: renders the <pre>...</pre> html, but defines a CSS class pre-section so the look-n-feel can be adjusted.

The following rendering methods: anchor() and view_seq_link_transform_path() are defined in the DocSet::Doc::Common class and documented there.


Stas Bekman <stas (at)>