Encode::Korean::ISO_TS_11941 - Perl extension for Encoding of Korean: ISO TS 11941 (formely, ISO TR 11941)


  use Encode::Korean::ISO_TS_11941;

  $string = decode 'iso-ts-11941', $octets;
  $octets = encode 'iso-ts-11941', $string;

  while($line = <>) {
                print encode 'utf8', decode 'iso-ts-11941', $line;


Encode::Korean::ISO_TS_11941 implements an encoding system of Korean based on the transliteration method of ISO TS 11941: 1996, Technical Specification, First Edition 1996-12-01, Information Documentation -- Transliteration of Korean script into Latin Characters.

This module use Encode implementation base class Encode::Encoding. The conversion is carried by a transliterator object of Encode::Korean::TransliteratorGenerator.


        Unicode name            Transliteration

        kiyeok                  k
        ssangkieok              kk
        nieun                   n
        tikeut                  t
        ssangtikeut             tt
        rieul                   r
        mieum                   m
        pieup                   p
        ssangpieup              pp
        sios                    s
        ssangsios               ss
        ieung                   ng
        cieuc                   c
        ssangcieuc              cc
        chieuch                 ch
        khieukh                 kh
        thieuth                 th
        phieuph                 ph
        hieuh                   h

        a                       a
        ae                      ae
        ya                      ya
        yae                     yae
        eo                      eo
        e                       e
        yeo                     yeo
        ye                      ye
        o                       o
        wa                      wa
        wae                     wae
        oe                      oe
        yo                      yo
        u                       u
        weo                     weo
        we                      we
        wi                      wi
        yu                      yu
        eu                      eu
        yi                      yi
        i                       i


Visit, if you need information on ISO TS 11941:1996.

Visit, if you want a list of Hangul Jamo in Unicode.

See Encode, Encode::Encoding, Encode::Korean, Encode::Korean::TransliteratorGenerator, if you want to know more about relevant modules.

See Encode::KR, Lingua::KO::MacKorean, if you need common encodings.

See Lingua::KO::Romanize::Hangul, if you need a common romanization (transcription method used in public).


You Hyun Jo, <you at cpan dot org>


Copyright (C) 2007 by You Hyun Jo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.8 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.