Finance::Currency::Convert::DnB - convert currencies with up to date currencies from


    use Finance::Currency::Convert::DnB;
    #get results with default number of decimals which is 2
    $result = currency 20, "NOK", "GBP";
    #3 decimals
    $result = currency 20, "NOK", "GBP", 3;

    #convert several numbers
    $result = currency \@values, "NOK", "GBP";
    $result = currency [20, 50, 35], "NOK", "GBP";

    #store all results in a hash
    my %all_currencies = currency 20, "NOK";
    print "20 NOK in $_ is $all_currencies{$_}\n" foreach (keys %all_currencies);

    #get a list of available currencies
    my @currencies = currencies;


Finance::Currency::Convert::DnB uses a XML list from to convert currencies. Caches XML list in a temporary file for quick access.



    $result = convert 20, "NOK", "GBP", 2;
    Amount can also be an array reference, and it will return a total of all elements.
    If conversion currency is excluded, it will return a hash with all results for all currencies.
    If number of decimals is excluded, if will default to 2 decimals.


    Returns a list of available currencies sorted alphabetically.


    This is an internal function called automatically to update currencies. It is done automatically if the cache is non-existing or if it is older than 12 hours. You can force updating by calling it with a true argument.