Games::IL2Device::Link - A simple class for talking to IL2 clients.


    use Games::IL2Device::Link;

    # Create a new connection to a IL2 client
    $mydl = Games::IL2Device::Link->new('', 10001, ( TIMEOUT => 5)); 

    # Get value of key 52 (overload)
    # reply method returns the result from last query
    print "G-load: ". $mydl->reply->{52} ."\n";

    # Toggle navigation lights.
    $mydl->set(411) or warn "411 failed!";
    # You can ask for several values at once with get
    $reply = $mydl->reply;
    foreach (keys %$reply) { print "got: $reply->{$_}\n"; }


This class provides an interface to connect to a devicelink on a IL2 Forgotten Battles client (=> 2.01). The interface hosts a set of key values which can be set or get - reference to these values can be found in 'DeviceLink.txt' located in the IL2 Forgotten Battles install folder. To activate the devicelink feature in IL2 Forgotten Battles you need to add a section in the 'conf.ini' file:


The set() method currently only works with one key/pair value per call. Set values only works if you send them last to the server. Get values with parameters can only be sent one at each call. Get values with indexed replies are not parsed, you will have to remember in what order you called each object.


Mathias Jansson <matja[at]>


This software is free software, you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same license as perl itself. IL2 Forgotten battles is the property of Ubisoft Entertainment and 1C:Maddox games.

Copyright (C) 2004 Mathias Jansson


Games::IL2Device::Constants perl(1).

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