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Geo::ISO19139 - access iso-19139 structures


 # See Geo::ISO19139:2005


ISO TC/211 (Geographic Information/Geomatics) is responsible for the ISO geographic information series of standards, in coordination with OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) and many other organisations and bodies. See

This distribution contains all definitions of ISO-19139: "Metadata - Implementation specification", which is the specification of many ISO-191xx standards. GML (ISO19136) which is released seperately in package Geo::GML, because it has also many pre-ISO versions.

In the future, it would be nice to extend this module into more of an application base. On the moment, it is just a schema container, which enables you to read and write XML which use these schemas.

Name-spaces and Components:

  GMD ISO19115 Metadata
  GSS ISO19107 Spatial Schema, realized by GML
  GTS ISO19108 Temporal Schema
  GSR ISO19111 Spatial Reference Schema, realized by GML
  GCO ISO19118 Encoding, basic types
  GCO ISO19136 GML
  GMX Extended Geographic Metadata

WARNING: I have not used this module for many years. It probably works (or is close to working). You will get support.



Geo::ISO19139->new('READER'|'WRITER'|'RW', %options)

This new() method will instantiate a Geo::ISO19139::2005 object, when called with the required "version => 2005" option. Other OPTIONS are passed to Geo::ISO19139::2005::new().

 -Option --Default
  version  <required>
version => VERSION

Only used when the object is created directly from this base-class. It determines which GML syntax is to be used. Can be a VERSION like "2005"


This module is part of Geo-ISO19139 distribution version 0.11, built on January 19, 2018. Website:


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