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JSON::Relaxed::ErrorCodes -- Error messages

If the document cannot be parsed, JSON::Relaxed will normally throw an exception.

In legacy mode, JSON::Relaxed returns an undefined value instead and sets the following error indicators:

  • $JSON::Relaxed::err_id

    A unique code for a specific error.

  • $JSON::Relaxed::err_msg

    An English description of the error, including an indication where the error occurs.

When using object-oriented mode, these can be easily retrieved using the parser methods err_id() and err_msg().

Following is a list of all error codes in JSON::Relaxed:

  • missing-input

    No input was found. This can be caused by:

  • empty-input

    The string to be parsed has no content beside whitespace and comments.

        $parser->decode('   ')
        $parser->decode('/* whatever */')
  • unclosed-inline-comment

    A comment was started with /* but was never closed. For example:

  • invalid-structure-opening-character

    The document opens with an invalid structural character like a comma or colon. The following examples would trigger this error.

  • multiple-structures

    The document has multiple structures. JSON and RJSON only allow a document to consist of a single hash, a single array, or a single string. The following examples would trigger this error.

        $parse->decode('{} "whatever"')
        $parse->decode('"abc" "def"')
  • unknown-token-after-key

    A hash key may only be followed by the closing hash brace or a colon. Anything else triggers unknown-token-after-key. So, the following examples would trigger this error.

        $parse->decode("{a [ }") }
        $parse->decode("{a b") }
  • unknown-token-for-hash-key

    The parser encountered something besides a string where a hash key should be. The following are examples of code that would trigger this error.

  • unclosed-hash-brace

    A hash has an opening brace but no closing brace. For example:

  • unclosed-array-brace

    An array has an opening brace but not a closing brace. For example:

        $parse->decode('["x", "y"')
  • unexpected-token-after-colon

    In a hash, a colon must be followed by a value. Anything else triggers this error. For example:

  • missing-comma-between-array-elements

    In an array, a comma must be followed by a value, another comma, or the closing array brace. Anything else triggers this error. For example:

        $parse->decode('[ "x" "y" ]')
        $parse->decode('[ "x" : ]')
  • unknown-array-token

    This error exists just in case there's an invalid token in an array that somehow wasn't caught by missing-comma-between-array-elements. This error shouldn't ever be triggered. If it is please let me know.

  • unclosed-quote

    This error is triggered when a quote isn't closed. For example:

        $parse->decode('"whatever') }