Kwiki::TableOfContents - Provides a Table of Contents feature that a template can use to make a wiki work as a manual.


This module tries to be very Web 2.0/Ajax/<pick your buzzword> by using a Javascript-based tree to both use and edit the table of contents. All changes are transmitted immediately using Ajax. Most every action is based around drag-and-drop. To add a new link to the TOC simply drag the header of the page to the place in the menu you want to add it. Any link can also act as a category so you can place links inside it. To do this either expand the subtree and drag and drop inside that subtree or drop on the actual link when it becomes bold.

To remove a link simply drag to the trash can. If you want to create a new category that is not a link simply drag the "New Folder" icon to the location you want to add the new folder. To rename any link or folder simply click the edit icon next to the node and a in-place editor will appear allowing you to edit that item.


This plugin is fairly complex Javascript code using libraries that have not been worked with extensively. Therefore it may not behave as well as desired although it seems to work decent. The following are known issues I would like to resolve:

Template Interaction

Right now installing the menu doesn't really do anything because whatever template is installed must know about it to make a place for it. So the template must be TOC compatible. The only TOC compatible theme is BlueOcean (a modification of GreenHouse). I would like establish independence between TOC and the themes.

Slow Performance on Firefox

Drag and drop on firefox is slow when inside a scrollable pane. This is because the implementation of the drag and drop features of They do a great job of making drag and drop work but they are fighting an uphill battle since they are doing stuff I imagine the web browser developers would not have imagined someone would try. :)

Stability problems

Sometimes the operations are just not as stable as desired. For example if you delete an item sometimes the alert() dialog will throw things out of wack when you attempt to click ok. Or sometimes it is difficult to place an object where you want. It would be nice to really get this component rock solid.


Eric Anderson, <eric at>


Copyright 2006 CorData, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

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