Daniel Muey
and 1 contributors


We want to make sure phrases begin correctly and consistently.


Correct beginning case makes the meaning clearer to end users.

Clearer meaning makes it easier to make a good translation.

Consistent beginning case makes it easier for developers to work with.

Consistent beginning case is a sign of higher quality product.

Incorrect beginning case could be a sign that partial phrases are in use or an error has been made.

possible violations


possible warnings

Does not start with an uppercase letter, ellipsis preceded by space, opening curly quote, or bracket notation.

Problem should be self explanatory.

If it is legit you could address this by adding a [comment] or [asis] to the beginning for clarity and to make it harder to use as a partial phrase.

   [comment,lc because …]lowercase this must be for some reason.

   [asis,brian d foy] is really cool!