Daniel Muey
and 1 contributors


Detect escaped character sequences.


An escaped character:

  • adds ambiguity

  • is an indication of in-string-formatting (e.g. \n)

  • relies on interpolation

    The additional layer of complexity could hinder translators and thus makes room for lower quality translations.

    Also, among other things, it could make key lookup erroneously fail.

  • Indicates use of a markup character (e.g. "You are \"awesome\".") which should be done differently (e.g. since that is will break the syntax if used in an HTML tag title attribute).

possible violations

If you get false positives then that only goes to help highlight how ambiguity adds to the reason to avoid non-bytes strings!

Contains escape sequence

A sequence of \n will be replaced w/ [comment,escaped sequence “n”], \" [comment,escaped sequence “"”], etc

possible warnings