Math::Ryu::Debug - perl interface to Ryu (with added Debugging outputs).


    As for the functions (of the same names) provided by Math::Ryu.
    Unlike the Math::Ryu functions, the Math::Ryu::Debug counterparts
    also output some intermediate results that could be useful for
    tracking and/or debugging.
    That's the only difference.
    See the Math::Ryu documentation for details re the functionality.

      It's advisable to avoid importing these functions simultaneously
      into both the Math::Ryu and Math::Ryu::Debug namespaces. Doing
      so will probably lead only to confusion.
      If warnings are enabled, you will receive a warning for any and
      all functions that are imported into both namespaces.


    This perl module is free software; you may redistribute it
    and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
    However, the ".c" and ".h" files that ship with this distro
    are Copyright 2018 Ulf Adams, and can only be used under the
    the terms of version 2.0 the Apache License, or of version 1.0
    of the Boost Software License.
    A copy of the Apache License (Apache_License.txt) is included
    with this distro.

    The Apache License can also be found at:

    The Boost Software License can be found at:

    This perl module is Copyright 2021 Sisyphus


    Sisyphus <sisyphus at(@) cpan dot (.) org>