Module::Dependency - Collection of modules for examining dependencies between parents and children, like Perl files


(See the README file that came with the distribution for a thorough overview and introduction of what this software does)

A set of pure-perl modules and helper programs that let you build a database of the dependency links between a collection of Perl files, and then query that database, even producing text, HTML, PostScript or graphical reports.


The database in question is actually a simple Storable image of a Perl data structure, and you can create as many of these as you want. You can use the command-line tools, or write your own Perl to query and manipulate the data however you want.

The README and README.* files are the place to start if you've not used this software before.



This module is used to create a database file for a collection of Perl source files. It doesn't eval or execute any code, but uses regexps to find dependencies.


A module used to query the database.


This module is used to create textual and graphical reports of dependencies.


You'll need: Storable, File::Find, File::Spec - all of which are standard with Perl 5.6.

Optionally, if you have certain other modules you can do more: If you want image output you'll need GD. If you want PostScript output you'll need PostScript::Simple. If you want SVG output you'll need the SVG module. If you want to be able to index modules that use the 'base' pragma, as in 'use base qw(Foo);' you'll need Safe (standard with Perl 5.6).


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